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  1. Asphalt only. Hey no clean up necessary! All of to track have a section of tight stuff so your gonna be sliding around enough! You can drag you knee on some turns and foot out on others if you want.
  2. Yes this race (April 8-9) will pay Edgewise and SEMRA Points it is hosted by John with SEMRA. We will have two more races at ERS that pay points in both series. One September 23-24 and another October 28-29. The September races is hosted by Edgewise and the October race is hosted by the track ERS. Check out the schedule www.EdgeWise-Racing.com
  3. Looking for a place to race your Supermotard or Mini Road Race bike? Check out WWW.Edgewise-Racing.com Tracks located in MS,LA and FL. Great race series with cool tracks. Track layout listed on site along with a forum to talk to members.
  4. Looking for a series to race your Supermotard on Mini Road Race Bike? Check Out WWW.EdgeWise-Racing.com Tracks located in MS,LA and FL. Schedule on events on Page. Cool Forum. Great Tracks