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  1. jkulp

    Just Can't Lose Weight

    Eat real food, nothing out of a box in general. Basically eat veggies and meat. Of course you shouldn't be drinking anything loaded with sugar. No soda, beer etc. After those long workouts you should have something to eat to recover within 30 minutes, protein and carbs. After recovery lay off excessive carbs. Get you carbs from veggies and a some fruit. If you feel like you are getting weaker and can feel it in the workouts then eat more carbs. My .02 anyway.
  2. jkulp


    Swimming is great cardio but for MX I would think you would also need to build fast twitch in your upper and lower body. Isn't swimming going to build slow twitch?
  3. jkulp

    Cardio...Just how long???

    I trained for a 7 hour mountain bike race, I hired a coach. It is different but similar. I did training in blocks also called periodization. It was a combo of lactate threshold, anaerobic threshold and long slow distance. Without fail I had a long ride every Sunday that varied from 4 to 6.5 hours. It is key to nail down your nutrition/hydration plan during those long rides. Also get used to being on the bike for long periods and how to pace yourself. It also helps with the mental side of the event. You may not choose to get as scientific as I did but the long training rides are the key.
  4. NBA players receive what the NBA docs recommend. By the way the NBA docs pay for the privilege of being called such. That's all I got to say about that.
  5. jkulp

    Mountain bike fitness for Mr. Tall

    yup mtbr.com My advice, in your price range, get a full suspension bike. May as well have a little added comfort.
  6. jkulp

    Riding with torn ACL! Bad idea?

    What do you get if you win the series? A bagillion dollars? Make the decision that is best for you and family long term. If you are good enough to win the series this year I would guess you could win it next year.
  7. You might get some guidance at mtbr.com Go to the endurance racing forum. It is a different machine but the nutrition is probably similar. The longest solo event I have done is 7 hours on a mountain bike so I probably can't help but I can tell you will need to build up to some long rides and experiment with nutrition, hydration and pacing. Good luck with your event! Edit One more thing. Have a realistic goal/plan and stick to it. Is you goal to finish or win? Pace yourself to accomplish the goal. Oh yeah......have fun!
  8. I was gonna say pretty much the same thing. Try ditching the simple sugar. Try Heed, a hammer product, and endurolytes. Some experimentation with their products might benefit you. If the Heed is too sweet mix it with Perpetuem, another hammer product. There are lots of educational articles on their website. Good luck!
  9. jkulp

    Torn Acl Mcl Oooops!!

    Money can buy you the same advisers as Mike Tyson and Britney Spears (to name a few).
  10. jkulp

    Torn Acl Mcl Oooops!!

    Give another month and then check it out? Sounds lame to me. I would go see Dr Mark, get a cast and in 4 weeks take the cast off, start rehab and get ready for acl surgery. She should be able to walk with cast. Like Dr Mark said, he treated me with the same injuries and then some. It's the best decision I have ever made. I did have to fly to Houston twice but it was money well spent, once for the cast and once for the acl surgery. I have had an excellent result and would not hesitate to go back to Houston if I had to do it all over again. Good luck!
  11. jkulp

    Torn Acl Mcl Oooops!!

    I think it all depends on how much pain you can endure. Having the opposite knee patella graft significantly reduces the pain, allowing you to rehab immediately. I, as well as other Dr Mark patients, walked the same day and started riding the bike, walking stairs and doing squats shortly after surgery. With the same knee patella graft the pain level is higher, making it harder to get started.
  12. jkulp

    Post- cycling

    I usually ride at a higher cadence with less resistance for the last 30 minutes of my ride.
  13. jkulp

    Sciatica or Piriformis muscle strain?

    Could be a tight IT band and or the piriformis. It sounds like something is tightening up when you sit for a while. If you can't figure it out go see a good pilates instructor. A good one with lots of experience should be able to figure it out pretty quickly. Good luck.
  14. jkulp

    diet and exercise tips

    Eat real food, not fast food or stuff out of a box and get plenty of protein.
  15. jkulp

    knee braces and short guys

    Search this forum and you'll find lots of opinions on knee braces.