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  1. When you do your oil change and after assembling the inner cartridge and bleeding the air do you pump it to full stroke to expel the extra oil out of the cartridge? I assume you do but that would make compression softer after bottoming out if you didn't. Maybe try Maxima fork oil. Maybe you should try a new free piston Rod seal and inner cartridge seals and bushing, although usually if they are bad the rod will not extend nearly all the way and have no damping for the first few inches of travel. I've seen the opposite happen, after riding and taking apart the fork for service the rod is harder to push into the cartridge and it gets more oil into the cartridge and when compressing it to full stroke lots of excess oil comes out, and then it feels alot softer, even though it was compressed to full stroke after the previous inner cartridge oil change. many times I take apart somebody's fork that I never worked on and it feels harder to push the rod in/firmer and lots of oil gets expelled when I compress it to full stroke, I wasn't sure if it's because the person who did the oil change before didn't compress it to full stroke after the oil change or if oil is getting past the cartridge seals and overfilling the inner cartridge maybe when the fork is bottomed or almost bottomed.
  2. tom02cr250

    KYB SSS to AOS question

    Well I know I had to use some pvc pipe cut some spacers for the tm forks with some stock yz450f springs when changing spring rates, just the springs length was different. You can check spring lengths of the oem Yamaha springs on racetechs website.
  3. tom02cr250

    KYB SSS to AOS question

    Your main issue is you need to soften the valving shim stack alot to soak up the roots and rocks alot better. And ya you're probably better off with a .42 spring rate. The yz250f uses stiffer springs than the yz, they might be .46 or .47
  4. tom02cr250

    KYB SSS to AOS question

    I work on some Forks off a 16 TM 450 and the valving looked all the same as the YZ 2 Strokes same shim stack. Then I just recently worked on a 18 T M 144 Forks and the valving look the same but the shim stack that was a lot softer and the free piston was different but works the same. I just worked on some 19 yz250f forks and they finally put a better free piston in there with big holes in the side of it and it's similar to the one in the 18 TM 144. I thought the Pistons always looked the same but didn't examine them closely. interesting side note I read that the new Yamaha is supposed to have larger Pistons but they are not larger when I compared them to some Pistons I just took out of a 13 YZ250 2-stroke the Pistons are exactly the same except for one very minor detail, all are the same size. the new Yamaha base valve shim stack is stiffer than the previous year looks like they keep making it stiffer every year or two, also the new Yamaha has no float and no little spring in the mid valve.
  5. tom02cr250

    KYB SSS to AOS question

    They are the same. Yes
  6. That is never needed for regular suspension servicing and revalving, I've never needed it. If the jam nut gets stuck, hold the 10mm rebound valve nut with a long extension and socket.
  7. Like NZracer said, you tighten the locknut as far as it goes by hand, just so you can tighten the adjuster till it bottoms out on the rod, then tighten the locknut to the adjuster, you just want the adjuster to be bottomed out on the rod before tightening the locknut to it and torqueing it, 16 ft lbs for kyb, 21 for showa.
  8. tom02cr250

    2018 CRF250R Questions For Owners

    I'm debating getting a low hour 18 or leftover 18 and saving a bunch of money or get the 19 that has some good motor updates by the sound of it. Also waiting for the first ride reviews from the magazines which should be within the next week or 2.
  9. Huge crescent wrench and make a tool to fit inside the top to twist it loose. Think screwdriver in a socket.
  10. tom02cr250

    Kyb sss base valve clamp shim quantity

    No. Yes. No. Better to use the 14 for woods but yes you can use the 16 with less face shims and it will feel decent.
  11. tom02cr250

    How to install piston ring crf450r?

    Compression side has bigger shims against the piston, you can match them up to the piston that way, and compression side is the bottom, and the smaller ports are the comp side, 1st pic. I've stretched on piston bands on small rebound pistons in forks, but not on the shock. If it stretches too much, wrap it super tight with electric tape and stick it in the freezer for a bit.
  12. tom02cr250

    Replacement for smart performance fork oil

    When I drain fork oil out of new or low hour Yamahas it comes out really thick and slow. I always use Maxima 5wt.
  13. tom02cr250

    2017 CRF250R Kickstart Broke Case & Side Cover

    Wow that's crazy. I have a 16 with 500 hours and I race harescrambles and practice dead engine starts often, I did have a rekluse clutch basket break one time while practicing starts for a while with it warmed up/hot, they replaced it for me. I've gone through about 3 kick starters from them getting worn and loose. I'd say there may have been a defect in the metal, idk.
  14. tom02cr250

    Roots on the gas

    You didn't specify what bike it is? You didn't specify if it's a motocross bike with Motocross suspension trying to ride in the rough Woods. It needs revalved softer if it is Motocross suspension, softer compression valving to start with, I leave rebound valving stock, others soften it also.
  15. tom02cr250

    Fork seal install

    Replace the bushings!?