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  1. tom02cr250

    Any 250RX News/Report?

    I rode a 450rx and hated the big tank, it really sticks out and noticeably wider when you put your legs up in a turn. On my 18 crf250r it's not bad on gas, I wouldn't want that bigger RX tank, I can ride for about three and a half hours of moving time with my buddies, A class woods Rider and lots of technical riding. It can get hot, no problem with Evans coolant and I recommend a temp guage, I always use them. My bike does not flame out, unless you're a two-stroke Rider not used to four strokes like my one buddy who was flaming out on his 350 and my bike and I did not flame out on his bike, my bike does not seem prone to flameouts comparing it to all the other crfs I have a owned. Side note, my bike was very very hard to start cold but after putting in a vortex ECU it's crazy how much of a difference it made it fires right up now cold out of the basement, still a little hard to start after a freezing cold drive to riding spot but still better than the stock ecu. And starts good warm.
  2. tom02cr250

    2016 Kx450f

    Need springs and revalved for you.
  3. tom02cr250

    Mapping crf 250-18 ??

    Yes, I can do remapping on my 18 with the Honda setting tool and the same software I used on my 16 crf250r.
  4. tom02cr250

    Any 250RX News/Report?

    I would guess it's a firm woods setup for fast GNCC racing, but if it isn't soft enough just get it revalved for you. I just installed a gold valve kit in my 18 crf250r for GNCC racing, and it's great in the woods everywhere, including rocks and roots. It seems pretty good with a 49 rear sprocket.
  5. tom02cr250

    CRF250R 15’+ Forks For Woods?

    They feel very good with the racetech kit, it's always worth it over a revalve especially on these forks, more plush, plus it's cheap cause it's only valving in one fork. I put it in my 16 and also did just a revalve to a friend's 16. After a year I did a spring fork conversion and that was good but hard to say it's worth the extra money, I was happy what's the air fork too.
  6. tom02cr250

    Showa 47mm (06 kx250f)

    The free play is normal. When it goes back together with the right amount of oil in the inner cartridge, the free piston is pushed up towards the top and takes away the free play and compresses the spring a little.
  7. tom02cr250

    New 2018 CRF on my radar...thoughts?

    I just got a 2018 with about 20 hours on it. It was raced pro mx and it has a 50 tooth rear sprocket on it (don't know if that's what he liked or what), a little higher compression piston, yosh full exhaust, hinson clutch. I haven't really rode it yet. But I'd like to figure out why it's so damn hard to start in the cold. Curious if it needs some mapping changes for really cold starting, I have the Honda setting tool to try some remapping, I'll let you guys know if I figure anything out. It was a cold drive to a track today and I couldn't get it started, had my old bike to race that anyway. A few hours later I tried a new Fire Power battery and it didn't seem to help much, but after lots of playing with the throttle while trying to start it finally started. For the most part it starts okay cold when sitting in my basement. It starts good once fully warmed up.
  8. tom02cr250

    Shock shims dont make sense

    Do you have the other Shims? Usually they are 44, and put a 42 in between. Do you have access to nitrogen?
  9. tom02cr250

    Shock shims dont make sense

    They need to cover the ports, 45s not 40s.
  10. tom02cr250

    15 yz450 gold valves

    when I first set up my bike with the gold valve kit the forks did feel way too soft, I went with a stiffer Fork spring and liked it a lot better, based on my experience with multiple bikes for the woods they recommend Springs that are too soft. I've been using the shim stacks they recommended and have played around with shim changes.
  11. tom02cr250

    15 yz450 gold valves

    the gold valves are really good even on the Yamahas, I have experience revalving with the stock pistons and installing gold valves in Yamahas and other bikes. If it's too soft then you just have to tune it, add one maybe two low-speed shims each shim you can feel a difference. or make sure your spring isn't too soft or have you stiffened Up your compression clickers, each click usually makes a noticeable difference. So many ways to tune suspension. Also oil level.
  12. tom02cr250

    Springs noise after rebuild

    first try tilting the spring upside down and every direction to get oil lubricated on the spring and all of the inside of the inner tube. One time I had this problem of the spring rubbing and being loud and not smooth and the spring had corrosion on it. After sanding It Down Smooth it was quiet
  13. tom02cr250

    Think I make have got rip off

    Yes that's true. Unless you paid for a kit or different Pistons.
  14. tom02cr250

    Forks are way too stiff!

    No you don't have to do anything to the other side, the other side just has the valving and oil, you could adjust the oil level in both forks. Check your owner's manual for oil levels, they are different in both Forks. With is a softer spring it will rebound less quickly and not be too bouncy like it may be now since it's a stiff spring and you are lightweight, if you slow down your rebound clicker for the spring that is too stiff now you may want to go back to the stock setting.