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  1. just a warning on gorman, weather is predicting 30mph wind there tomorrow. i waaaas gonna ride there tomorrow, but id rather not get sandblasted and pushed around haha. not to mention youd probly get pushed off the road by the damn wind on the drive up ...
  2. never personally ridden there, but it was the single most fun place i have ever gone 4x4... just dont go in the summer haha (got so hot my trucks outside temp. guage read: --- degs.)
  3. im actually going to put down a deposit on my 450X tonite or tomorrow. im picking up an 06. just gotta sell my stupid blue bike first to pay for the rest hahaha.
  4. i see your point, but they didnt rate it bike of the year just cus of a set of cheap valves haha. i think there was a bit more to it and the test wasnt even long enough to reflect the actual overall reliability of steel over titanium valves and hondas oil chamber over ktm's. sorry to be over critical, and no im not taking ktm's side. haha the kawasaki 450 is going to have steel valves, so im sure they will all move into that direction at some point anyways IMO
  5. Yamaha

    5 grand for an 05 450 seems high to me, specially if it has worn plastics. not to mention that 05 seems still new enough to have decent plastics, and if the plastics on an 05 are worn that makes me wonder what else is that worn. sounds like a gamble to me. haha
  6. Yamaha

    P.S. 450 would probly be the best quad for jumping, but if you are really wanting the reverse and E-start id go for the 700... again, just my 2 cents haha
  7. Yamaha

    cosign ^^ 350 would be fun, no doubt. you'll eventually (most likely) crave more then its capable of. not to mention the money it would cost to mod to what you want, you could just get something with a little more nuts stock (and modable even on top of that). thats just my opinion....
  8. i got quoted like $6850 OTD for an 06 (by the looks of your guys quotes im not saving as much as i thought haha)
  9. Yamaha

    my dad just got quoted about 5000 OTD for an 06. granted thats an 06 model but still (and i think they could have sharpened their pencil a bit more on that as well).... 6800 OTD is a terrible OTD price.
  10. my family has 2 blasters and have owned several over the years. we've never modified them but they are great bikes and will run forever! congrats on the new bike!
  11. *gives you all the finger for having the speed channel*
  12. Yamaha

    there's no comparison in my opinion. in my mind a blaster is for a beginner or someone looking for a quad "just to get out there", which is fine and great, but the banshee is a far far far superior machine and has a massive amount more potential for fun then a blaster. i know i pretty much answered how you said not to, but thats really just how it boils down. if you can be content on a blaster, get a blaster. if you want something with some grunt get the banshee.
  13. i have one in VHS sitting on my dresser right now....but no VCR
  14. Yamaha

    awesome, ill check all that stuff out!
  15. i agree with 2 people that posted above, is there any word on his lower body?