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  1. I just recieved a new White Brothers exhaust system (header and slip on) and the header diameter is over 1/4" smaller in diameter than the slip on at the connection between the two pieces. There was not any enclosed bushings or parts to take up this difference. I talked to White Brothers tech. department and they said that I need to reuse the bushing (tech. dept. did not do a very good job of explaining this part) out of the stock pipe. Unfortunately I bought this bike used and I don't think it had a stock pipe on it. The bushing in the pipe that I am replacing will not work because it fits the slip on side but is still too large for the header diameter and there is no way that I can squeeze the clamp enough to make it work. Does anyone know what the proper material or materials is to bush this connection and where can I get one? From Yamaha? The dimensions that I am working with are: Slip on ID - 1.877" ID Header OD - 1.590" OD .287" difference or I will need a bushing or spacer thickness of .1435" I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Jim