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  1. Hello, I recently bought a used YAMAHA YZ 250F 2010 in perfect shape (Enzo suspension and about 25 hours on it), but it seems to me that it needs some upgrades in order to gain power and speed. I had a YZ 250F 2008 with race tech suspension, powerbomb header and white bros (vance and hines) aluminium exhaust, and it seems that the 2008 was faster... What do you guys think? maybe buy a complete exhaust system (fmf 4.1/megabomb)? quickshot 3 ??? what else upgrades could be usefull??? Thanks for your time!
  2. Hi!, I live in Colombia and I have a 2007 EXC-F 250 and I have two questions: 1. This is the same bike like the XC-F ? I have heard that the EXC-F is the europe version and that the XC-F is the USA version 2. Im trying to gain more bottom power buying a FMF 4.1 and megabomb header...Do you know if the 2007 SX-F 250 exaust and megabomb will fit my 2007 XC-F 250??? I think both bike haves the same engine and exaust settings... Thanks for your time!
  3. piperojas48

    Yz 250f 2010 hour meter

    Hi, i am buying a new 2010 yz 250f bike, and i have heard that a hour meter wont work on it... Does anyone that haves a yz 250f 2010 knows if there is an hour meter that will work??? Thanks a lot of you guys for the help!
  4. piperojas48

    YZ 250F: 2008 Vs 2010???

    Hi guys, I am looking forward in changing my YZ250F 08 for and 2010...is it worth it??? or maybe I should wait for a 2011 that maybe could come with EFI??? I have in my YZ race tech valves and vance and hines full exhaust system and I am very confortable with it, but perhaps the change to a 2010 could really be significant...what do you think???... Any advice should help!!! Thanks!!!
  5. Thank U guys! Im 25 years old, and Im really thinking the same about switching to a less powerfull bike!!!
  6. Hello guys, I tried to search something similar to my case but I couldn’t find anything similar: I am an intermediate rider (clearing all the jumps on the local tracks but I lack of top speed and consistency) ... height 5'10 and weight 172 ... I have a yz 450F 2008 (with 96 hours) only with race tech suspension (the rest is original) ... I am thinking about switching to a yz 250F 2008 (with 160 hours) keeping my suspension (this guy also has the bike in perfect conditions with new cylinder)... I am having trouble to adapt the strength and torque of the 450F (because I have to grab it too hard in order to gain some really top speed) ... I am thinking that is better to switch to a 250F in order to have more fun in it…will it be a good switch? Any other opinion? Is there anyone else having the same issues? Thanks for your time!
  7. I was looking at the new video of Justin Barcia at Foxracing.com, and wanted to know what was the chest/roost deflector/protector, that he has... this is the link: http://www.foxracing.com/videos/?id=MX038 It shows at 00:28 seconds of the video... Anybody knows what chest protector is it??? Also, I have look for some advice, on what kind of "under the jersey" protection (Not roost), can help me with, using a Leatt Brace...??? Right know I have a Sentinel Thor, but I want a under the jersey protection with hard plastic...maybe the Thor Impact Rig??? Suggestions??? thx
  8. Well I know this is kind of weird, first of all, from a little country in south america and for my english (hahaha)...I wanted to share with you some pictures and video from the track were two of your riders, came here to had a national race in november 2008...some people told me at the pits, that one of them raced in the AMA (dont know if motocross or supercross )...their names are Erick Macrunnen (410) and Rusel Blevins (331)...heres the link from the race at the gates: http://www.fedemoto.org/galeriafotografica/motocross/MOTOCROSS_2008/imagepage58.html http://www.fedemoto.org/galeriafotografica/motocross/MOTOCROSS_2008/imagepage59.html Also here are some pics of the track (With no bikes), with the flags from the countries that participated at our national. Theres also a video of me riding the track (My riding isnt at my best, so please understand... ) What do you guys think about the track??? Hope you like it!
  9. piperojas48

    08 YZ 450F maintenance hours HELP!

    Thanks a lot for all the info guys, I really appreciate this. Is there anything else, that I need to keep in mind for keeping a nice and clean engine maintenance?
  10. I have just purchase my new YZ 450F 2008, and I have also installed an hour meter on it. The thing is, that I have read the manual, and in the part were the maintenance intervals (3-1,3-2 in the manual pages) I found the schedule for the maintenance and lubrication intervals, such as, AFTER BREAK-IN, EVERY RACE, EVERY THIRD (OR 500KM), EVERY FIFTH (OR 1.000KM) and AS REQUIRED. The thing is, that I dont understand were the exact or approx. hours are required to make each change (such as changing de oil and oil filter, and checking valves). PLEASE someone who can explain to me what EVERY THIRD and EVERY FIFTH really means? and also, were do I can find (maybe a link, if the manual doesnt have the hours regardind the maintenance and lubrication intervals) the exact or approx hours in the bike, to make the correct maintenance? thanks (by the way, sorry my english typing isnt that to god...)
  11. piperojas48

    Post Your Riding Pics!

    Mines, http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h219/piperojas48/turn2.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h219/piperojas48/jump.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h219/piperojas48/wheelie.jpg http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h219/piperojas48/motos004.jpg
  12. piperojas48

    Pics & Videos Of Your Wheelies

    here`s mine