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    Barn Find 125 electric wont start.

    I got a free barn-find TTR-125 w/electric start a few days ago. It's missing pretty much all of the bolts and screws for plastics, including the ones for the gas tank. PO lost the hose that goes from the airbox to the carb. PO ALSO removed the electric start and the choke is missing altogether. And I think the best abuse of a bike by the PO that I've ever seen - the petcock was routed into the air vent on the carb, and the fuel line was vented to open air. So, first thing first was draining and filling up with new gas. Bike wouldn't start. Checked for spark, and it's there. Decided to tear the carb down, and I can say after owning around 10 different motorcycles, this one has the worst carb i've ever seen. Cleaned it out, and stuck it back on. Kick it over, still won't start. So I did what every self-respecting kewrs laight drinkin' American would do and shot a ton of start fluid into the carb. Still nothing, but now it backfires up into the airbox pretty violently. I'm thinking the carb is just toast, so I'm trying to browse ebay to find another one. What I'm worried about is the PO's electric start delete. I noticed that the starter is still on the bike, but I can't tell how he took the ignition out - no wires or anything, it's just gone. Would the bike still get spark when it's kicked over if the PO messed that mod up? Also if someone could give me a list of things to start tracking down on this bike I'd appreciate it.
  2. invision

    Kawasakis new model!

    Crap, I can't seem to find the "stabbing eyes out with ice-pick" smiley. Oh well.
  3. invision

    How to tow a bike with a bike

    yeah, the tow bike ties it around the bar underneath the rear fender, and the broken bike puts the straps around the forks, or you can just hold the strap, its not that hard to hold it if your getting pulled.
  4. invision

    Help me out. please read.

    2001, im trying to get 700 out of it, but thatll be after its fixed.
  5. invision

    230 gangsta' freetsyle 2 video.

    wow, a movie that finally uses cs sounds correctly. it seemed like you were actually shooting a gun. props. most other movies just guess when to put the sounds in. good job guys.
  6. invision

    Help me out. please read.

    its cheaper/more convenient for me to get a bike. and also, with a bike i can start riding today, but a car ill have to wait 6 more months. either way id still need to get ride of the ttr.
  7. invision

    Help me out. please read.

    Hey guys, im in a bit of a situation here. the deal is, my ttr90 is the only thing of any "serious" value that i have that i can sell. i need the money to be able to buy a streetbike, so i can get a job. i need a job so i can get an apartment. i need an apartment because i need to start college. the thing is, my ttr is kind of dead right now, and i dont have the money to fix it, and ive begged family, and they all tell me no because "ill just ride it again until its broke." heres whats wrong: it needs new front sprocket, back sprocket, and chain. new back brake (the actual brake itself that goes in the hub) and a new gasket for the petcock because it will leak out a whole tank over night. Here's where i start begging. If anyone could send me a part that i need, or even donate a dollar, that would be awesome, and you would actually be helping me out a LOT. you would get the satisfaction of knowing that. I will personally hand-write a thank you letter. if i can afford it after i get a job, i will work towards eventually paying everyone back, but that is *if* i can afford it, because remember im going to be getting an apartment. New parts, used parts, whatever, as long as itll get my bike running so i can sell it. if you can help out, PM me and ill give you my address. thanks guys
  8. invision

    shifting in the air

  9. invision


  10. man, its not that huge of a deal. find someone with a welding machine. now go steal some metal to go where the "stopper thingie" should go. now weld. zomgz hax. your done. stop making a mountain out of a mole hill.
  11. invision

    TTR 125 Miles per tank

    you can get about 80 kilometers per tank dropping it through the mesosphere. (couldnt help it)
  12. invision

    motor oil

    6.66 a qt? i wouldnt buy it, its clearly evil.
  13. invision

    how do you tell?

    by popping do you mean backfiring or what? be more specific, yo.
  14. hes obviously getting a new motor put in after he smoked that hayabusa turbo at the drag strip last month.
  15. invision

    Pocket Rocket Worth It?

    no it wouldnt