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  1. Plastics and seat will
  2. I tried a resevoired shock on my coolster and those type wont fit, I went with a 12" fastace non resvoired and it worked out great!!!
  3. 50's kick through the clutch, try adjusting the clutch!!!!
  4. I personally like the A style swingarm, especially for heavier riders
  5. thats what I was thinking
  6. seems to me it would make the bike 2 strokey "is that a word" (needs rpm to make power)
  7. maybe overtightening???
  8. looks like a pretty sweet bike to me, offer him $1500.00 for it?
  9. I had the same problem with my 70 and I read your replie and remebered when I removed the stock air cleaner I forgot to hook it back up thanks!!!!
  10. have had the same problem, I spread the subframe wider alittle and it worked fine, I used a manifold spreader for small block chevy exhaust manifolds to spread the frame..
  11. My Dr.ATV Kit Did the exact same thing. I have to run 50/50 Race Gas to 93 Octane, but it runs great!!!!!
  12. Last time I checked it was still Department of Motor Vehicles not Department of Engine Vehicles....... You Motor, Engine arguement Guys Crack me up, Find something else to argue about!!!!
  13. We Have a winner!!!!! Roketa, Sunl, and a lot more chinese importers sold them, I can say though, I've seen on jumped off of a Baseball dug out, the bike rode away but it definitly was never the same again!!!! "and by the way when I was selling these bikes under the roketa name the where only $500.00 brand new!!!"
  14. I have plenty of chinese motors in different bikes and I agree the run great, I just want to try a Honda motor just because I have an extra one laying around, I think the the race head 88 is the way I'm gonna go!!!!
  15. that does look like a pretty good deal, anybody else?