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  1. I pulled this off of www.truthaboutrhino.com today, and had to post it up!! For all of you out there who have been supporting Yamaha in their fight against an onslaught of legal accusations......you should be EXTREMELY interested in hearing how Yamaha's first actual jury trial this week in Texas went down! "Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. Statement on Ray vs Yamaha Trial Verdict Jury finds no product defect with Yamaha Rhino Yamaha is saddened whenever anyone is injured in a Yamaha product-related accident, and we urge all our customers to follow the safety recommendations on our products and, as importantly, to always operate the products in a safe and responsible manner. The jury’s decision to reject the plaintiff’s claims and award no damages in this case is appropriate. The jury made a decision based on the facts. The testimony and evidence during the trial showed that this tragic accident had nothing to do with the design of the product. Yamaha’s top priority is and always has been the safety of our customers, and we pride ourselves on the safety and quality of our products. This accident demonstrates the importance of following the safety guidelines posted on the vehicles and the owner’s manuals. Rhinos are designed for off-road use only, and the vehicle is only recommended for adult drivers aged 16 or older with a valid driver’s license. Passengers must be large enough to keep their backs against the seat backs with both feet firmly on the floorboard. Drivers and passengers should wear helmets and the vehicle’s three-point seat belts at all times. Yamaha stands firmly behind the Rhino as a safe and useful off-road vehicle and will continue to vigorously defend the product. To learn more about the Yamaha Rhino, visit our website www.truthaboutrhino.com." Also....here is a link to a story I found about the trial yesterday! http://www.setexasrecord.com/news/co...w.asp?c=220821 (Please note the poll on the right side of the story page! Keep up the support, and vote!!!) As I have said on several other forums today and yesterday, this is HUGE for Yamaha, huge for the industry, and huge for any enthusiast of the Yamaha Rhino (maybe even for other UTV's)! From what I have been reading, it's the plaintiff's attorneys who were pushing for a trial in front of a jury....they must have thought that they could sway "normal people" the same way they have succeeded in swaying the media and others who were never presented with the proper facts. Well.....it appears that when this jury WAS presented with the correct information (again, something which the media and the attorneys have never done!), and Yamaha was allowed to present the facts......that common sense prevailed, and the Yamaha Rhino was NOT found to be defective! (I have a mental picture of the Plaintiff's attorneys pushing a Rhino into the courtroom, and, after getting the attention of Judge and Jury, sitting in it and telling it to flop over onto it's side....but it just sits there. Quietly......I know...I'm a little weird! LOL!) The fact that they won this first case is important because, if I recall from my pre-law courses, future cases will look back on this case and will take into account how it was ruled - plus, it should take some of the wind out of all of these plaintiff attorneys sails - AND it restores my FAITH in MANKIND - at least for a while! I applaud Yamaha for not rolling over (NO pun intended!) and giving in when the odds seemed stacked against them - for believing wholeheartedly in their product and in their company - for fighting the good fight for all of us Rhino people out here - and for retaining utmost professionalism at all times, which is even evident in this press release...... They have won this battle, but the war isn't over. Let's make sure we do all we can to keep the momentum going in Yamaha's (and ultimately, all of ours) favor! I am headed over to the CBS website to make sure they see the results of this trial!! PS -I can't tell you how good it is to see that some people actually DO use their heads, and can figure things out for themselves! Kudos to the jury who saw through the BS and made the right decision!!
  2. 450grl

    Rhino Rollover

    Sorry, not a recall......it's a "voluntary action" taken by Yamaha in cooperation with the CPSC. BTW....I read the article below with great interest, Mr. Sand. According to this article, the DRIVER of the Rhino that was involved in the death of your daughter was found guilty of vehicular homicide. The DRIVER was found to be at fault - not the machine But what really drew my attention was where it states that the driver was engaging in HORSEPLAY, which caused the Rhino to tip over. Why is this interesting? Because you have been stating on every forum you can post on over the past year that the Rhino just tipped over......for no reason.....and that it must have been a manufacturer's defect. Well, Mr. Sand, the truth will come out eventually...... (quoted from wnewsj.com) "NEWS JOURNAL STAFF REPORT A Midland man was sentenced Tuesday in a Warren County court, bringing an end to a case that started when an 10-year-old girl lost her life. Nils McElroy, 21, who previously pleaded to a misdemeanor charge of vehicular homicide, was sentenced Tuesday to 90 days in jail, ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and serve five years probation, according to court records. McElroy was indicted Dec. 14 by a Warren County grand jury. He was found responsible for causing the death of Ellie Sand by way of negligence in operating a Yahama Rhino, an off-road vehicle. He was arraigned Jan. 3. In late October, McElroy was at the home of Rob Osterhues, a friend who lives at 380 Ward Koebel Road in Oregonia. Most of the people at the social gathering, said Warren County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel, were members of the same church. Part of the fun that day revolved around a Yamaha Rhino owned by Osterhues. According to Warren County Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Bruce McGary, McElroy drove the Rhino while taking others for rides. McGary said McElroy was engaging in general horseplay, which caused the Rhino to roll over. Ellie Sand sustained fatal injuries during the rollover and died soon after the accident. She was the daughter of Tammy and John Sand of Lebanon. The misdemeanor charge of vehicular homicide carries a maximum of six months in jail. McElroy has a review hearing for costs and fines June 9 in front of Judge Jacqueline Handorf. He is represented by a public defender, attorney William R. Kaufman." I hope John Sand gets banned from THIS forum the way he has been from almost every other forum out there......
  3. 450grl

    grizzly 550

    I got to spend some time on the 550 a while back, and if I were to buy a 4x4 quad, I'd get the Griz 550 with EPS....the 700 has great power, but the 550 is plenty for what I would need, and I could save a little money over the 700. How do you like yours? Have you got to spend some time on it yet?
  4. 450grl

    09 yfz450r > Mod's ??

    Since it's so new, the mods will take just a bit....I'm going to be in the same boat in a couple of weeks - getting mine in Jan, I hope! I hear GYTR is trying to get their stuff out, and DRD is also working on it....as well as nerf companies, etc. In the meantime, I'll probably just remove my baffles in my stock pipe and see what else I can do to get some power out of it..... Pics!!?
  5. 450grl

    Which aftermarked exhaust should i buy for my YFZ?

    I've run HMF, Curtis Sparks and GYTR on my YFZ's. My favorite to date was my GYTR full exhaust. I liked the sound (not as loud as the Sparks and HMF, but a nice full throaty sound) and the way it pulled evenly through the powerband. HMF and Sparks are nice, of course....but the GYTR was my fav....
  6. 450grl

    Check out the YFZ450 "R"

    I LOVE my YFZ.....but I'm going to sell it and get the new YFZR - it's just too nice to pass up.....I didn't think you could improve on the YFZ except for some suspension....and here it is!!! Can't wait!!
  7. 450grl

    raptor 250 or yfz450 please read

    Go with the Raptor 250 - it's an amazing quad!!! I'd get a 250 over the 350 just for the much better handling and suspension!! If you are going to race it, it's definitely a great choice! It's like my YFZ......but a bit smaller and not as fast. I actually raced one at Glen Helen a couple of weeks ago, and it was awesome!! In our ITP Quadcross Series, they have a 250 class and even Pro/Expert racers race those Rappy 250's!! Everyone loves them!
  8. 450grl

    raptor 250

    Actually, I believe there may be some companies who are making 250 shocks - those quads are actually being modified by many racers for the track. You might try calling companies like PEP, Elka, AXIS, and Ohlins - just to start. You also might be able to get your stock shocks revalved for a much lighter weight (resprung, actually)......
  9. 450grl

    Rhino Rollover

    First off I want to say my heart goes out to you and your the loss of your daughter. I have kids as well, and as a mother, I can only begin to imagine what you have been through - God bless you! In reading yours posts on this thread, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what your agenda is? It seems you are already interested (if not actively pursuing) a lawsuit against Yamaha, so what exactly is it you are trying to accomplish by posting what you have posted? And from what you have said, I still can't figure out if you are "what if"ing, or if you have bonifide, irrefutable proof in what you are accusing Yamaha of doing? I'm a Rhino owner, and have owned several since they came out. There are warning stickers all over the Rhinos (as every ATV/UTV OEM must do these days...I'm surprised there is any shred of plastics left uncovered - thanks to all of the lawsuits and sue happy people out there). I do have children....do my kids drive my Rhino? NO. They don't drive my car, why would I let them drive my Rhino? Do they ride in a Rhino with other kids? NO. Do they ride in a Rhino with another adult (besides me) - rarely (I have trust issues), and when they do, they wear FULL FACE HELMETS. They also have their seat belts (or harnesses) buckled and tight every time and I know where they are going and what the terrain is like. Is this because I feel the Rhino is unsafe? No, but I always prepare for the unexpected. I have never tipped a stock UTV over on it's side - and I have the unique opportunity to drive many different brands of these machines in many different environments. Why haven't I dumped one? Because, as an adult who has been around ATV's and UTV's for a while, I understand and respect their limits - and I take time to learn their limits every time I get into a new machine. And EVERY machine has it's limitations, no matter how well it's built. I agree with what almost every other poster has said in this thread - there are choices we make daily as parents, choices we make when we ride all of the different machines that we come in contact with on a daily basis, whether it be a quad, a truck, a streetbike, or a tractor. If I do something to cause an accident and I get hurt, it is MY responsibility - no one else's. These Rhinos don't roll over on their own - it's ALWAYS at the hands of the person in the driver's seat.
  10. 450grl

    2009 Yamaha's

    Not only does Yamaha keep the Rappy 250 in the line-up, but there is even a class for the 250's in the ITP Quadcross Series now!!! It's great to see adults racing those things around - they are such great handling machines, it's actually not too tight of a fit on those things!!! I heard they were hucking some huge jumps at the last race.....too funny!
  11. 450grl

    2009 Yfz450

    Whoa - who's forgotten the Banshee? I have one in my garage! I still have faith. It's not like Yamaha is on vacation and letting the industry pass them by......
  12. 450grl

    2009 Yamaha's

    Maybe the special editions will come out later - last year they had the SE and SE 2's.....I don't think we have seen everything Yamaha has to offer for 2009 yet - just my hunch. And I'll never bad mouth Yamaha - they might be taking their sweet time, but I'm sure it's for a good reason...... PS....I had the chance to see the 550 ute up close - very good looking machine!