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  1. that rear end also has an adjustable ride height which is pretty sweet, i would definitely feel safe knowing they are going through each and every bike 100% before shipping it to you!
  2. I AM OLDSCHOOOOL!!!!! my motor is in
  3. email me some pics with your bottom price.
  4. Hey guys I live in southern NH and are looking for some people who want to go riding? I have limited area for practice and not much people around to practice with. Anyone within the area and want to go riding sometime let me know. Perferably maybe either having or knowing of a track which would begood to practice at. need to stay up top in master of mini's
  5. Hey guys I'll be at Crow Hill sunday representing Moto Nut Racing on the Blue X4 #119 Also I could get a bunch fo guys to do a moto marathon or hare scrambles ifyou want to get something together. a Moto marathon would be intense! like our own erzberg or day in the dirt but for minis! haha