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    hard starting klx 300

    I have rechecked the valves and timing, both ok. I also went through the carb. checked spark ok. Im lost I don't no what to try next.
  2. I have a 99' klx 300. I have just put in new exhaust cam for a 2004 model. I also put in a kickstart idler gear. I adjusted the valves. The bike has stock exhaust, and stock carb. I took the airbox cover off and put on an after market air filter. The bike won't start hot or cold! Timming was also checked, and was ok. What should I try next? I had bought the bike 7 months ago, from a Honda dealer. The bike was checked out before they sold it, so they said. The bike has been really hard to start since I bought it. I called the Honda dealership, they said its a used bike so deal with it. So I took it to a Kawasaki dealer. They checked the valves and cleaned the carb. They still couldn't get it started. They thought it might be the stator, only 70% sure. So I took it home and been tyring to get running myself. The reason for the cam and the idler gear was for preventive maintance.