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  1. 148crf250

    Dyno Results

    How about just the best mods for the bucks for horse power.
  2. 148crf250

    works suspension

    I have rg3 with the mv valve and the rear link stock springs and they redid the valving. Everyone who rides it says it is sick. I have one friend who sent his mb1 suspension to rg3 to have them give it the same treatment. Nobody but rg3 for me so far 2005 crf250r
  3. 148crf250

    Dyno Results

    Does anyone have dyno results for there mods> Big bore kits or cam changes?? Please post I am going to be modifying my 250r 05 and wish for real life results from real people. Thanks in advance
  4. 148crf250

    Big bore 270 with a cam upgrade.

    The bikes that have the 270 kit have an impressive power gain. I am curious if anyone has done an after market cam as well. Comments on any other mods. I am thinking about a instaling the 270 thumperracing kit,a aftermarket cam like a procircuit stage 1, maybe some port work. I like to get the best bang for my buck. Maybe get the bike to 38 horses or so. Please share what combos you have done . Thanks in advance