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  1. What is this? I don't see it in the manual. Do I need it and if not, how best to bypass this?
  2. This is exactly what I want to do. So you didn't mount the plate to the light housing? Can you show a picture of how you mounted it? I would like to tuck it inside as well.
  3. Thanks for the ideas! I'm considering the TST Industries plug n play system. It has the LED turn signals inside the single rear light. It comes with plugs that mate directly to the factory electrical system. They have a good video HERE
  4. I have a 2016 DR-Z400SM. I'd like to replace the ugly license plate holder, tail light and turn signals. I have seen some lights that have them all built into one unit. When I search, I find so many different products I don't know what to get. Any suggestions to clean up the backside of my 400SM?
  5. We use 80/100-12. Is that the same? Sizes are confusing. I've never seen a good explanation.
  6. We ride on the tracks only. I would think that Sam Houston State Park would be nice though. We like Three Palms (Conroe) and 290 Cycle World (Waller) for track riding. Also check out:
  7. Hey, My son is asking for the camo tires like Mike Metzger had on his bike to jump the fountains. I found the maker--Innova. They make them for minis too. Has anyone used these? Is the quality and tread good? He's not racing the KLX 110 but he rides it like it was. We go to 290 and 3 Palms in Houston the most. They say good tread for medium soft to medium hard dirt. That covers almost everything, right? Thoughts? Better brands other than Innova? Best prices?
  8. Please confirm that! thanks!
  9. Is it OK and if so, is there any benefit to using a synthetic oil in a KLX 110? The oil is getting changed regulary (more that recommended). We are in Texas--it's hot down here! I just want to keep it running the best it can. Steve
  10. I need to get a new gas cap for the KLX 110. The vent line broke off. I was looking at the green billet cap from Two Brothers--$50!! Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative or a discounter that carries this part? I would also like to replace the shifter level with a sturdier model. It has been bent now too. This bike is ridden by a 7 year old, not me, so I don't need "larger" accessories, just stronger! Steve
  11. I'm not a mechanic---but learning! Does this just plug in?
  12. Hey, The Tokyomods ignition looks like a quick, easy upgrade to get a little boost. Does it require any other changes to the bike? How does it connect? It looks like you just plug in the one cable. Is that all? Anyone using it? Thoughts?
  13. Is 93 octane the highest you can get from pump gas? If not, who has the highest?
  14. We're getting my 8 year old son a KLX110. We have questions: 1) What would be the first mod to do? He has raced before and is coming to this bike from a KTM Pro JR. He can handle power. We're going to this so he can ride trails and have fun off the track too. 2) What fuel do you use for a 4-stroke? You don't mix fuel, right? 3) What oil do you recommend? 4) Anything else we need to know? Steve