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  1. greengoose

    $$$How much will a 450exc cost me

    I just picked up an 09 450 exc $8000 otd here in TX
  2. greengoose

    The 690 Picture Thread

    Not yet, been working 12 hr days since I got back, gonna try and do one this weekend
  3. greengoose

    The 690 Picture Thread

    Heres some pics of my homegrown 690 adventure on my recent Alaska trip
  4. Im using the Ebay switch and it works great the fan comes on at 8 bars instead of 11 much better for commuting in the hot Texas summers. Only down side is it may be harder on the battery
  5. greengoose

    The 690 Picture Thread

    heres some pics of my e
  6. greengoose

    690 Enduro re-spring

    Call trailtricks he rides a 690 and does proffesional suspension work http://trailtricks.com/
  7. greengoose

    690Enduro air filters

    here ya go http://www.ktmtwins.com/690smc/nu-1417.html
  8. greengoose

    690 Enduro rear tire eaten up fast!!

    I used the dunlop 606 on my old KLR650 and would get about 3k but that was on a low power machine not sure they would hold up as well on the 690e When the MT21 rear wears out on my 690 Im going to try the dunlop 608 rally raid Ive read a lot of good reviews about em. Ill keep the front MT21 Its holding up well and I like the way it handles
  9. greengoose

    Hard parts 690 smc

    relax ktmparts . com has some stuff - but thumper talk store may have the FMF
  10. greengoose

    Best Magazine for woods riders ?

    I saw one on the mag. rack called DUST the other day, it apeared to be all offroad motorcycle. There web site is still under construction http://www.dust-magazine.com./
  11. greengoose

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    I just did the mod on my new to me 01 426 man what a difference kicks like a 2 stroke and doesn't stall nearly as easy as it did before. Just wanted to say thanks to all that have contributed to this thread the info here made doing the job much easier