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  1. saunan

    Husaberg 2009 test

    CycleNews review: http://www.cyclenews.com/ShowStory.asp?HeadlineID=12898 Steve http://www.cultofdualsport.com
  2. saunan

    2009 Husabergs are RED sticker in California

    That's what I thought when I read the review. I love the location of the airbox. On the downside, the fuel tank holds only 2.25 gallons. Steve http://www.cultofdualsport.com
  3. If you have a dualsport bike, Motherlode DS is headed to Downieville from Washington ... Staging at Chalk Bluff & Hwy 20 at 8:30 a.m.
  4. saunan

    S. Yuba River question

    Has anyone ever crossed the South Yuba River via Missouri Bar Road? It's just off Hwy. 20, a few miles below the town of Washington. Google Earth shows a crossing, but I don't see a bridge.
  5. saunan

    Homemade rear cargo rack for xr650r

    The guys in my riding group have been discussing this ... More photos? Schematics? Other info available? Looks good!!
  6. saunan

    Edelbrock carb + stock exahust = heat

    Excellent suggestions... thanks! I'll do one thing at a time and find out what the problem is...
  7. saunan

    Show your PIG

    What part of CA, you ask? Check out the Motherlode Dualsport forum and Google Maps. The photos were taken between Washington and Alleghany, but there are tons of trails and roads between Colfax and Downieville.
  8. saunan

    Show your PIG

    My DRP (Drowned Red Pig). After getting the water out of the pipe, it started right up! Love the Pig!! The Pig and I looking over a 1,000 foot drop at Tyler Foote near Alleghany, CA. New Year's Day 2007, my first ride on the "new to me" 2001 BRP.
  9. saunan

    Edelbrock carb + stock exahust = heat

    About the TT Vapor: We both have the in-line temp sensor in the same place (the larger radiator hose on the left side). Oil type: I'm running Shell Rotella 15W40 diesel oil, my buddy uses 20W50 Royal Purple synthetic. How much lower temp with synthetic? Today I adjusted the idle to mid-range mixture one more click toward rich. The exhaust was popping on deceleration anyway, meaning too lean (right?) ... That should shave a few degrees off the temp.
  10. saunan

    Edelbrock carb + stock exahust = heat

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check the water pump. The coolant is brand new 100% Engine Ice. What I don't get is why the temp is so high with just a slightly leaner mixture. Two clicks toward rich, and the temp drops back down. The reason I asked about the exhaust is because the Edelbrock manual says the carb is designed for an aftermarket can ... I couldn't see paying another $300-$400 for THAT. Yikes! A riding buddy of mine has an '00 BRP with stock carb (175 main, 68s), FMF exhaust, TT Vapor and his bike runs around 190 F at the same time mine's up at 220.
  11. My 2001 XR650R has been uncorked, but has a stock exhaust and an HRC tip. I usually ride above 2500 feet. After installing an Edelbrock carb, the bike is running over 220 degrees in 1st and 2nd gear (TrailTech Vapor installed). Carb Idle to Mid-Range adjustment: If I go two clicks toward rich, the temp drops back to 195 or so, but it starts hard and gets poor gas mileage. I've had the carb on for three rides, and there's not much else I can do with this adjustment. Should I change the Mid-Range to Full throttle adjustment with a smaller needle (#17) and then richen the low end? Would that help with the overheating, or do I need an aftermarket exhaust?
  12. Damn! You've never heard of Motherlode Dualsport? (Just kidding.) As we like to say, "We're Medium Core!" The guys who ride come from Sacramento, Auburn, Georgetown, and other places nearby. We ride whenever possible, almost every week. Sometimes twice a week! http://www.motherlodedualsport.com
  13. saunan

    Elkins Flat - Saturday Oct 14th Turtle Ride

    Excellent riding, especially now that the dry season is over. A paved National Forest road goes from Hwy. 88 up to Mormon Emigrant Trail, and there are tons of offroad trails ... I've ridden there a few times, but I'm on a KLR650 and the more difficult trails are too much for that beast. http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/eldorado/recreation/trails-moto/elkins/