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  1. mickv

    1998 RMX Powervalve

    The Aus version is different, it uses a 95RM engine(with mods) in a frame similar to a 96RM. Although it is similar to earlier models it is still quiet different, different forks, different sub frame, different swing arm, linkages and shock spring, different barrel, head and power valve, different gear ratios, radiators etc etc.
  2. mickv

    RMX Head Gasket

    The OEM has 2 rings, the fiche is wrong as i found out for mine when i rebuilt it.
  3. mickv

    RMX Mid-range Hesitation

    Hmm http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/showthread.php?p=957508&posted=1#post957508
  4. mickv

    Rmx cdi

    Hmm didnt come out as big as i thought it would, but if you save it to your picture album it should be able to be seen better through it.
  5. mickv

    Rmx cdi

    Will this help you any? Sorry about the file i sent ya, i'm trying to find another. This is defintiely a 98 rmx wiring diagram as it checks out with mine(and the stator shows as a 3 ph)
  6. mickv

    RMX Mid-range Hesitation

    The 98+ mod. in australia used a different set-up on the power valve than had been used in previous yrs. Its a far more robust design and whilst i have heard of problems with them they are few and far between. I cant be sure but I think ours basically uses a 95 RM barrel just with a head gasket rather than o-rings and some other small mods.
  7. mickv

    RMX Mid-range Hesitation

    Ahh yes thats right, sorry i forgot you were talking about a 36mm. Hows it go off the bottom with that carb? it must be pretty punchy?
  8. mickv

    RMX Mid-range Hesitation

    Yes mine is a 99, although i still have the PJ carb atm. If you have a look on DBW there is a bit of info on there about the PWK on the RMX, but iirc most of the guys are using the blue JD needle.
  9. mickv

    RMX Mid-range Hesitation

    Thats correct. 175-180 main is about right and so is the 42 pilot.
  10. mickv

    Rmx cdi

    Its definitely the stator for the 98+ mod. in Aus. They are a three phase stator which is then rectified/regulated to go to the coil and lights. I'm pretty much positive its 7-8 ohms between any two leads. The leads you want are the yellow ones.
  11. mickv

    RMX Mid-range Hesitation

    The power valve is a real bitch to get to on them when the cylinder is still in the frame, as posted above pull the side cover off and and check that it all works smoothly if it is all ok then drop the needle one notch and give it a go(again as above). If you find that the power valve is sticky you might want to pull the whole cyl off to get to it.
  12. mickv

    Rmx cdi

    Yeah mate thats the same Aussie stator and it looks to be in good nick, not that that necessarily means much. From memory you should get 7-8 ohms between any 2 of the leads.
  13. mickv

    RMX handle bar mount mod

    DRZ run bigger forks, i'm not sure about the stem diameter either. Being 6"5' i ended up machining up a whole new triple clamp out of alluminum. might be a bit expensive to have done if you cant machine yourself though. Have a look through DBW there is a member on there that has machined and rewelded the triple clamp to move the mounts so they are straight up.
  14. mickv

    99 RMX engine rebuild

    G'day all i am currently doing a top end rebuild on my 99 model rmx 250 (which is the same as the 98) and am looking at buying my parts from a U.S based o.e.m parts supplier but having a look at the micro fische for my bike it appears that the piston for the what i would assume to be the same model (as it is called a "W" over there wheres as it is a "S" here) only seems to have one ring. The part number for rings seems to be the same but it just seems the quantity is different. I was wondering if anyone has done a rebuild on there rmx and can remember if the piston has one ring or two. cheers in advance mickv