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  1. salzmanlee

    Any interest in OEM '06 TE450 take offs?

    Email me i want to purchase those parts
  2. salzmanlee

    Any interest in OEM '06 TE450 take offs?

    How much For the handlebars and do you have any plastic
  3. salzmanlee

    First Ride TE 450

    Went out for 2Hrs on last sunday and the bike was great. Power was right on,Handled well in the tight stuff and was exceptional over all sizes of whoops.It even has enough snap to triple large whoops. I cant wait to race it but i feel i need more seat time just coming off a 2stroke.
  4. salzmanlee

    2006 TE-450 Leadtime

    I just got my te 450 2 weeks ago from Central jersey cycles it was no problem Bob will get you one.