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  1. Thanks for all the quick replies. I will be getting the....... Husky 510 ! Dont really care about the extra maintanence and have a loop that I ride regularly about 5 miles from my house I have just sold an 05 DRZ because it was not "hardcore" enough. Thanks agian, Kevin
  2. Does anybody have any opinions on using the Husky as a street play bike? wondering about reliabilty and usability on a daily basis. Any other choices that might be better ( don't want the DRZ) I am thinking of buying the 06 SMR450 ...street legal out of the box. I think that it does not have any cooling fans or a key switch. Key is not a problem but what about the cooling? Thanks, Kevin
  3. both bikes have the stock carb for now. any ideas?? Kevin
  4. Hey All, I'm new to this forum and have a couple of questions. I have browsed the FAQ and could not find answers, so here it goes.. I have a 2000 s model that is getting the athena 440, hot cams stage 1 in/ex, ported head,Yoshi rs3 complete and 3x3 mod. It is using the stock carb for now, Any idea if this will work ok? and any jetting recomendations? Also have a 2005 sm not wanting to go crazy with it, whats the best bang for the buck mods? Thanks In advance ! Kevin Roberts
  5. Hey, why dont you just buy it, If he's ok with $150. It's probably not worth much, But it's only 150 bucks. Less than a pair of tires... Kevin