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  1. I was there. It was awsome. It was one of the best trails I've been to this season and I've hit all but 2 this season in the MHSC. If you didn't make it, you missed out on a teriffic course, it rained for a few days before and the track tacked up great. I just put Chadwick as a username since I live about 5 minutes from the place.
  2. Isn't Bull Creek Creek Ranch near the Chadwick riding area? And from what I've heard it is what Chadwick was like 20 or so years ago? What I mean is, Alot of single track, rocky (not loose rock like Chadwick is known for now) trails, elevation changes, off cambers, creek beds, all that kind of usual riding? Right?
  3. All single track! Nice, that is what I like to hear. I'll be there for sure, but I've been going to all of the series anywho. So I will see you then.
  4. Probably the stories from the goon riders like me, getting stuck on one of the up-hill climbs during the practice lap. That was the only "worries" I had anyways, I thought the first lap might get kind of hectic around that area. But that is what the intention of most obstacles is, isn't it?
  5. That was a great course, I was able to geat a great flow going on the whole time. Well at least until I got a flat on the front, on the next to the last lap! I was bummed to get 6th, but still had a good time. I was worried about the course when I took a practice lap, but it got chewed up perfect for the race. And everyone out working on the course did a great job with re-directing.
  6. I would rather forget Lake Creek. Those ruts were crazy, I tacoed my radiator. And I'm still digging mud out of brakes, bearings, body parts and everywhere else. I welcome rocks now. #682, gotcha I'll be on #128 C class
  7. Sounds good, hopefully I'll have my bike done by then.
  8. Next time you go let me know. Or the next time I go I'll let you know. After this race, I've gotta tear my bike totally down. Hopefully I can do it thru the week.
  9. I will look you up. I'll be in the C class, #128 WR250f.
  10. No I didn't make Elk Creek (just got done with a surgery), but I should be ready to hit the rest. I did hear that a few rocks showed up at Elk Creek LOL! You don't happen to live in SW Missouri by any chance do you? I live near Springfield, and was looking for someone to ride with me/split gas cost with. What can I say, I try to save a buck whenever I can.
  11. You sound like a man with experience, but I have done the same. The three black bears that were hangin around the riding area this last year were more of a nuisance than the rocks. Although they didn't eat very much!
  12. Yes I am. I guess you will be?
  13. I wouldn't worry about the trails and your KLR, you can survive. There is a bike shop in the town of Sparta (Sparta is the town right before the town of Chadwick, and Chadwick is the town where Kay's store is located where you purchase a riding permit ) and the owner of the bike shop is a Kawasaki man. You know, just in case you need something for a mishap It will be good times down there, the rocks are not that big. I don't know what everyone complains about.
  14. I'll be free that weekend, and more than likely be down at the 'Wick. What should I look for when I'm down there?
  15. I just slapped on a set from Decal Works, and they are top quality. They have different sets, different prices. You can send in your plates to have them put on the backgrounds, if you desire. The pipe side plate is a PITA, it is possible to get it bubble free. But, a PITA.