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    Lost my Dad, my best friend.

    BBoyce As I sit here as a 46 year old man I am in tears. It brings back so many memories. I too also lost my dad when I was 16 years old and to this day I miss him so much. I also had my father get me into bikes when I was real young. From Deheasa race track to Baja and the Mohave desert at California City. We moved to Tahoe when I when I was 15 years old and he was killed in a car accident 16 months after we moved there. He was a California Highway Patrolman and I never thought he would lose his life in this way. I was the oldest kid of four and I was under his wing and getting close to going out into life on my own. My father was my world and to this day he still is. The best I can say to you is , your father Loved you very much and he is still with you and alway will be. Just know that he is looking down on you and I will tell you this. By knowing he is there it will keep you going in the right direction and knowing that he is there will make you think twice before you do what ever you my do in you travels as a young man. Don't be in pain for to long as he would not want you to be. Just hang on to all of the goodness he has given you and remember all of the memories. God speed in your healing and know that it will take some time but you will heal and be a better and stronger person. All of my hopes prayers and a big Thumper hug to you my friend. Remember go fast take chances and always keep the rubber side down! Chris PS Even need a chat drop me a PM
  2. Chris Cassinelli

    Help with fork sag

    Thanks for all the shock help IE: Sag set preload and adjustments. Now I have a few question on forks. I have a 1999 Husqvarna Wr 250 with Marzocchi forks. My question is, Is it OK for fork sag. Seems to me there is a lot of fork sag on my bike and the bike may only have about 15 hours on it. When I put the bike on a center stand and put zip ties on the forks and set it down easy then pick the bike back up on center stand there is about 1.5 inches of sag. Is this right. what is an OK amount of sag if any?I have bleed of the air from the screws. Also, I am a bit unclear of adjusting the compression and rebound. I did notice last week that the dirt line on my forks after my ride was about 3/4 of an inch from bottom. Does this mean I am bottoming out. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Chris
  3. Chris Cassinelli

    Need directions to stonyford

    Thank you Chris AMA & MRANN Member
  4. Chris Cassinelli

    Need directions to stonyford

    Can someone give me directions to Stonyford Fout springs? It's been a while since I have been there. I will be coming up from Sacramento on I5. Looking to go to the big Staging area. Thanks for your help. CC
  5. Chris Cassinelli

    Norcal Riders off the duff Reminder

    Sorry I didn't sign up for TT sooner. I would really like to help Saturday & Sunday but already have plans. I will keep my eyes open to trail maintenance so that I can help. I have been involved in clubs and have done lots of trail work in the past. We worked real hard to keep the BLM off our butts at Cow Mtn. Also didn't hear about Forest hill. Is it really closed? Have a great day. Go fast take chances and keep the rubber side down!