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  1. nnatorade7

    Quetion about compression and decomp lever?

    I appreciate the response. That clears my worries. The bike is truly a new piece I just couldnt amagine compression problems! NOW for my next question?? I see alot of people are partial to the shell Rotella in the XR's. Where are you guys buying it and what does the bottle look like? Didn't see it at the local dealership? Thanks
  2. I have been a DRZ400 rider for about 6 years and still am although I decided to buy a XR400R to ride tight trails and rough climbs. Bought a practically new 2004 XR400R last night and it runs great! Started from cold in 30 degree weather with no problem a little choke and time and the bike was ready to ride in minutes1 My problem is the kickstart just seems way to easy to kick? I dont even see why anyone would need the decomp lever. I am kicking the bike with absolutely no problem with out using the decomp lever! Are all Stock XR400R this easy to kick? The only mod is the baffle in the exhaust has been removed. The frame and motor dont even have rub marks the bike has super low hours! Does anyone need the decomp or does my bike have a problem I may not know about yet.... Thanks Nate
  3. nnatorade7

    CRD full Exhaust

    I bought a CRD from pipecity in 2001 and I believe I paid $225 for the FULL SYSTEM!! It was loud, and a bit hard to tune, I never got the jetting just right. I now have a TRC system on my 2009 SM and I am very impressed! I sold the 2001 in 2003 so it is hard to compare the two being so long, but from memory I can say spend the extra cash and get a much better product!!! Hope that helps
  4. I am on my 3rd S model since 2000. My current S is a 2007 with only 3500 miles and I am thinking of selling to buy a more dirt/trail oriented bike. I just bought a 2009 SM and so I will have it for the street and VERY light offroad. I have thought about getting a CRF250X or 450X. Not sure if the 250X will have enough power (though I am light at 165lbs). Plus I am thinking of slapping the SM tag on whatever I get from time to time to ride forest roads etc.... Your advice will be greatly appreciated! I like Honda products but I hear problems stem from their engines? Is Yamaha a safer choice? I like to ride more than work on my Bikes!!! What years, models are the best in the different manufactures? I don't want a KTM, or GasGas stick with the big 4. I must have a headlight!!! Tail light is a bonus too. Thanks!!
  5. nnatorade7

    Insurance Rates???

    I have Gieco, and have liability, also I have a multiple car discount and they do count the motorcycles. I pay 180 a year for my 2006 VTX 1800 I pay 48 a year for my 2007 DRZ 400 And I am 23. Thats the truth!
  6. nnatorade7

    Trials bike For Sale

    I just bought a 2005 Gas Gas 280 in almost new condition maybe 2 hours of ride time. Found while feeding my addiction of searching for deals on the craigslist. I immediatly called the owner and went and picked up...only 1.5 hours from my house. With the bike I also got new plastic in blue, training dvds still in plastic, and a sweeet vintage bultaco helmet. If anyone would be interested in a vintage trials, get in touch with armoredveh he has an extremely nice ty175. He has several pics he can email. I would have bought the bike, but I am more into pushing bikes to the limits and needing to be able to replace parts ASAP
  7. Thats funny you say that, I just told my wife the other day that when it gets around freeezzing and you see another biker they almost always wave or nod! The real reason is because only a real biker one that has the love for two wheels rides below 40 degrees, and they normally nod or wave when another rider is noticed! The punks that don't wave are the riders who are really only motorcycle owners, these folk only ride above 65 degrees, and probably don't wave because they are gripping the handlebars with all there strength! Anyone riding a Harley is most likely only an owner not a rider, because if they planned to ride daily with no problems they wouldn't ride a Harley!
  8. nnatorade7

    Trials bike For Sale

    I have tried motosoup.com but everthing I find is located at least 1000 miles away. I found a bike in omaha and was going to ship it considering many people told me they can be shipped for $75 to $100, but when I called around it was more like $300. I would really like to find a bike I could physically see before I buy! Something no more than a 4 hour drive.
  9. nnatorade7

    I must be the shortest DRZ owner here...

    Im 5'7 and 170# and have some great advice. Borrow a friends bike and ride some technical single track on a KLR650. Once you get back on the DRZ you will be in heaven and no longer care about the hieght. A bike is for riding anyways, keep your feet off the ground! it's way more fun with the feet on the pegs!
  10. nnatorade7

    Got the stinkeye from a cop today

    You guys really pull over? I have even been told by county mounties they have a no chase policy on motorcycles. If I pulled over every time I have seen the lights I wouldnt be able to afford insurance. Just make a quick escape and dont let them get your tag #
  11. nnatorade7

    Trials bike For Sale

    I currently ride a DRZ400S, and have several other bikes, though I am really looking to add a trials bike to my collection. If you guys could steer me in the direction of finding some used trials bikes I would love it!! I would like a 250 or greater and I would like a 125 or 200 for my wife. I live in NC so if the distance is driveable it would be great, I am having a hard time finding shipping less than $350. Thanks
  12. nnatorade7

    What size sprocket do you have?

    I just bought a DRZ that was used on road only and the man changed the rear sprocket to a 39 tooth. It will go 110mph on the highway, but is not any good for trail riding. I have the stock sprocket and am planning on changing them out today! My old DRZ had a 46 tooth rear and would top out at 90 mph, 93mph with tail wind! I ride a street bike on road, so the DRZ's street days are only to get me to the trails that are marked "no trespassing" so I ride the DRZ for quick escape! What sprocked set up do you use for trail riding? I like technical trails! I thinking 47 tooth.
  13. nnatorade7

    Annual Spring TT Mountain Ride

    How much are the cabins at Brown Mtn. Beech? Last year me and a buddy joined you guys on our DRZ's, after eating delicious Barbecue, we went back to our campsite @ Brown Mtn. and received a rather unpleasent visit by the forrest ranger. It was almost like he had been called seeing as he pulled right into our campsite and immediatly began searching our site for beer. To make a long story short, we paid $100 for every beer we had in the cooler and had to pour all of them out! This year I figured we could pool our citation money together and just get a cabin where you guys stayed. You guys didn't get in trouble for having beer did you?
  14. How much for the Corbin seat? I had a gel seat and it totally broke down after about 3000 miles, and looked terrible.
  15. nnatorade7

    Just bought Renthal FATBAR...need help mounting

    Thats what im talking about! Thanks alot for everyones help and pics, I now have some different options! Thanks again for those who posted and who used their "thinker," so folks like me don't have too.