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  1. Hey, is that a Devol skid plate? Bike looks great.
  2. I've used Yamalube 4R for years without a problem. Easy to find. I change my oil about every 3 or 4 rides, and my filter every other oil change. I keep my bikes for about 3 years, and ride quite a bit. I'm glad I don't have an oil fetish.
  3. yep. Makes sense. I only bought my bike @ John Burr because I've been going there since age 9. I'm 38. Off topic..they have a new owner AND they fired Vic (parts) who has been there for 27 years:thumbsdn: . Bye bye, John Burr, hello L.A. Yamaha.
  4. 7K for an 06? I paid $6500 OTD in April for my 06 SE at John Burr, and I thought that was a bit high.
  5. I ran a K&N on my 2001 chevy truck (stock intake). Same thing..lots of dust in the airboot(or whatever you want to call it). Same thing with my girlfriends ranger. The K&N's got sold at a yardsale. I would never run one in my bike. In my opinion (and experience), they don't filter dust effectively.
  6. Did you run out of money for a dictionary?
  7. Use a twin air. After you run the k&n, look inside the airboot. It will be full off dust, no matter how well you prep it. Tires look good!
  8. I don't get this stuff I'm reading lately about how different "off road" racing/riding is from moto. I've raced moto, off road, and desert, and I rode as fast as I could in each, and wanted my bike to turn just as well in the desert or woods as I did on a motocross track. Just because there are trees, cactus, and bushes around instead haybales and banners doesn't mean my bike should handle completely different. I know suspension setups differ significantly (depending on who you are), but what the heck? just my opinion.
  9. Well, I was on the fence about buying a set, but I guess I have to now. I just dont trust the front end of my 06 in flat turns. Yes, I raised the forks, and set my sag (with gear on), and have a fresh bridgestone 401a on the front:prof: . Applied 24mm's are next. Thanks for the review!
  10. 1. Look on tag's website. 2. Look on protaper's website. 3. Compare specifications. 4. See if there is a match for the Windham bend on the Tag website. 5. Buy Tag handlebars if close match is found. 6. Install handlebars. 7. Start bike. 8. Ride bike.
  11. I have a stock 06 YZ450, and just recently switched bikes with my friend riding an 07 WR450. We were riding tight stuff up in Kennedy Meadows. The bike was okay, but I was unimpressed. Slow...mushy. Yes, it had all the Yamaha power-robbing booby traps removed. He loves the bike though, and as soon as he removes the dastardly stock front tire, he'll like it even more. On the other hand, I just rode an 05 Husaberg 650, and that thing was, well, bitchin'. I want one.