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  1. Heynow

    Suspension set up for a YFZ450

    Thanks, that was very helpful. I am going to work on it this weekend to adjust it and play with the sag with me on the quad. Heynow............
  2. Heynow

    Does ANYBODY no about the oil mod

    Whats an oil mod?
  3. Heynow

    Suspension set up for a YFZ450

    I am wanting to race MX and some GP's. I am also wanting to race some desert, which I know is way different than MX. I am looking for sag set ups for both types of racing. I was hoping there is a web site which talks about the different suspension sets ups. Thanks, Heynow........
  4. Anyone have info on setting up suspension. I am not sure how many millimeters is appropiate for a quad when it comes to sag adjustments. Thanks, Heynow........