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  1. Nevada

    http://www.brad21pho...700866_w24kCHF/ Nice ride! How did the 5hundy do out there?
  2. Nevada

    It's ON! 2013 VCGP!
  3. I could be game for a ride this weekend too. I've ridden out at Johnson Lane but don't know the route but I have a gps and a good sense of direction!
  4. 2x finished at 7am
  5. 11x 2nd, not sure of the actual time behind.
  6. Dang 1x is almost done!
  7. What happened to the Weatherman feed??
  8. No bikes but...
  10. Thru Honda pit 2 at 8:39, from weatherman
  12. Washington

    PM Sent! brad21
  13. Oregon

    Thanks Scoot and Debbie and the rest of the OTBG crew for all your hard work and effort at making all of us OMRA racers happy.
  14. join up at for more info!
  15. April fools!