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  1. what is the difference for performance -hotcam old style intake and exhaust -hotcam new style stg1 intake and old style exhaust thx
  2. it's a good kit? crank stroker 5mm and piston stroker 92mm hotrods what is the compression?? gaz pump? durability?
  3. ok thx
  4. if i buy piston JE 94mm i need sleeve? i know 94.5mm need sleeve
  5. i will change my plastic off my drz400sm for white or blue:excuseme: and i don't find graphic kit for plastic blue or white can you send pic or web site
  6. drz400sm 05 : pipe yosh complet,filter uni,dynojet,air box full open,cdi yosh,E base gasket,hotcam stg1 intake and drz400e cam exhaust, spring valve drzE
  7. i will buy fcr41mm no tps , but tps is a obligation or not?
  8. fcr39 of yfz450 will fit on my drz400sm???
  9. i have drz400sm but on highway the rpm is to high my sprocket is 15-41 what do you recommend?
  10. i search most power at low rpm because in city with rs3 yosh at 11k it's very loud hotcam stage 2 intake with hotcam stage 1 or hotcam stage 1 intake with sm exhaust cam or kit yosh cam for my modif see my signature
  11. needle: OBE K R
  12. what is the best setup of cam for more power at low rpm with cam of drz400sm , drz400E , hotcam stg1 , hotcam stg2 , yosh cam... what is the best cam for intake and exhaust?
  13. i have buy my carb on ebay and the guy said to me this carb is stock and it's fcr39 for yz426 it's a very big carb than the carb off drz400e
  14. not a dynojet needle
  15. i have drz400sm 2005 with fcr39 + E base gasket + full open air box + filter uni + yosh complet + cdi yosh but i have problem with my jetting WHAT IS YOUR SETUP: main jet size (165 dynojet), numbers of turn screw (3 turn), pilot jet size(42) , needle on the 4th clip position