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  1. How do you get on the fire roads of saddleback mt? last sat i tried the santiego caynon gate and it was closed. i used to use that gate years ago. any info on which gates are open if any?
  2. christrickle

    need advice on a XR250.

    I just won an ebay auction for a 1997 xr 250 for 800$ I ride a wr 450 in the desert but got this bike to go duel sporting with Dad in the mountains. I am looking for some advice on setup, mods or anything i should do to this bike. I know all about uncorking a bike because of the WR. The bike is already plated so i think gearing and jetting should be my first mods. Thanks in advance for any response's.
  3. christrickle

    California All trials open in Gormen?

    Wanted to know if the upper single track trails in Gorman are open? i hate driving all the up there and having to dodge quads in the flats.
  4. christrickle

    Frame Colour Opinions

    I have rhino lined 3 of my beach cruisers and it works great. For a wr with all the bolt holes and areas where parts need to fit tight to the frame it would be a problem.
  5. I think this has been addressed but i cant find it in a search. In 2nd and 3rd gear at lower rpms like down shifting to climb a hill my raptor seems to have reduced power like the parking brake or reverse rev limiter is kicking in. I have already disconnected the parking limiter. My question is how do you do the reverse delete? is there something else it could be? it doesn't happen all the time and only in two gears. Any help would be great.
  6. christrickle

    Rebuilt clutch problems? Need help...

    Did some fine tuning with the cable adjusters and the clutch is working much better thanks for all the help guys.
  7. christrickle

    Rebuilt clutch problems? Need help...

    I am going to wrench on the bike tomorrow, will post the results. thanks for the help.
  8. christrickle

    91 wr250 gearing question

    So the gearing i have would probably work better in the tight trails. thanks for the help. You saved me a lot of hassle!
  9. christrickle

    91 wr250 gearing question

    i just got my care package form rocky mountain atv and noticed i ordered the sprocket kit for a yz and not a wr 250. I have a 14-49 combo and the wr comes stock with a 15-52 combo. I am not a rocket scientist when it comes to gearing, what will the bike be like? more low end or top end? i am building this bike for mountain trials here in CA like Gorman and Tahoe. I have a wr 450 for the flats. thanks for any help.
  10. christrickle

    Leaking shifter shaft on 91 wr 250 need help!!

    Thanks for the help, saved me some head scratching!
  11. christrickle

    Leaking shifter shaft on 91 wr 250 need help!!

    Is this the only seal on the shifter? thanks for the reply.
  12. I replaced the clutch plates and springs on my 05 WR 450 and all is not right. I used a tusk kit with the heavy duty spring kit. Now when i start the bike up when its cold i have to pull the clutch lever 4 or 5 times or the clutch will not engage. Is this a cable adjustment, or a installation mishap? This is my first clutch rebuild and i am doing my YZ250 next and don't want the same results. Thanks for any info or advice you guys might have.
  13. I have a leaking shifter shaft on my 91 wr 250, can this be fixed without splitting the cases? i am learning how to rebuild this bike and any help would be appreciated.
  14. I am doing a full rebuild on my 91 wr 250 and after pulling the power valve cover off and breaking two of the bolts the inside was covered in a oil like slime. How to clean? take it all apart or use contact cleaner and spray it out?
  15. christrickle

    91 Yz Wr 250 Street Legal Super Motard???

    Lumpy your bike is what i picture in my head! i started tearing the bike down today. I have a house in AZ and i will register it there. Will post some pics soon.