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  1. tmt

    piranha 125 ztx ???

    i'll beat on the bike for a week or 2 and let ya'll know what, if anything breaks?
  2. tmt

    piranha 125 ztx ???

    talked to the guy (Jack) today,he sold me 2 bikes and shipped them to my business address for$2398+$92.00 shipping.they have 3 different models.said i would have them tuesday
  3. tmt

    piranha 125 ztx ???

  4. tmt

    piranha 125 ztx ???

    found a decent deal on ebay, anyone tried this brand? had a SDG speed mini 107,was ok but this bike has alot of cool parts. 12-12 wheels,billet hubs,oil cooler,inverted forks,braided steel lines,lifan 125 motor
  5. tmt

    Monster Mountain!!

    the big cedar i know about is in ala. but very close to the GA. border
  6. tmt

    Monster Mountain!!

    yeah big cedar i still open
  7. tmt

    Mountain Mx

    i believe the website is themountainmx.com. there's a myspace link on that site that has more info and some videos of the track.
  8. tmt

    Mountain Mx

    Cool track in sweetwater tenn. just north of chattanooga.The only gripe I have is they allow 4 wheelers, ruins all the good ruts and they just make alot of dust. The track used to be called laurel mtn mx,new owner and redesigned track.Open 7 days a week,$15 to practice
  9. tmt

    Tech 7's out yet?

    saw them in the new motosport outlet book.$259.00 i think
  10. anyone know if there gonna do the charity ride at bremen sunday after the atlanta supercross? if so, what time do they open the gates and how much to get in?
  11. tmt

    losing coolant!

    # 9 i believe is the one you need. be sure and inspect the shaft for wear,also i believe the impeller is reverse thread. good luck
  12. tmt

    losing coolant!

    if it's coming out of the weep hole at the bottom of the cover it's probably the outer water pump seal, not a big deal (common)
  13. tmt

    Tn ?????

    if you already know which tracks you wanna ride i can give you some inside info about track conditions when wet.you can't ever forecast TN weather
  14. tmt

    Monster Mountain, Alabama

    about 15 of us went down for the weekend back in october. very fun track and the owner's are great.they let us work the track saturday night, but i think we pissed off the local guys on sunday.heard some complaints that it was too deep. we all thought it was great several different ruts in every corner
  15. tmt

    burning crazy amounts of oil!!!!

    you may want to check the valve stem seals also. sounds like the previous owner either screwed up the ring install or forgot the valve seals? good luck