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  1. yea but the top end speed would be AWESOME! not to mention the fun of drifting and sliding through every corner.
  2. i had a pic with mc and rc side by side. mc doin the nac-nac and rc throwin a no footed can can. it was badass.
  3. 852, AMA number. use it in WERA roadracing as well. ran 52 on 80's since they have small plates.
  4. has he ever gone to loretta's? i mean if he's that fast i'd be sure of it
  5. i remember one time when i was racing 80's when another rider's chain fell off goin up to a straight, i tried to jump over him and clipped his rear fender and ate it. while crawling off the track i got t-boned so hard it ripped my helmet off. it knocked the wind outta me, but i got up and continued. that's the biggest thing i've noticed. you get the wind knocked outta ya a lot.
  6. atvunlimited.net is a distributor for multiple companies, they primarily sell on e-bay at lower costs than anywhere else. it's shear volume of sales that allows them to do this, and they cut out the middle man.
  7. what's the series though? is this like an AMA district championship or what? here in ohio we have track championships,2 different ama districts, a statewide Faircross series,an arenacross series and a couple "mega" series
  8. apex is the center of the corner.....kinda. basically brake to the middle of the corner and accelrate out.
  9. so what are these "state championships". i've never heard of such a thing. maybe winning a district series or something, but the state thing is retarded.
  10. guess what! atvunlimited.net IS a distributor.......they ALSO sell direct to consumers at wholesale. some people can't understand this. they do both, just like parts unlimited, tuckerrocky, etc.
  11. go to www.atvunlimited.net they will blow parts unlimited out of the water. go to the contact page and give James a call or e-mail. He owns the company and is a good friend of mine.
  12. well it's actually two table tops, like a double double section, but you can quad it if you haul ass and grow some nads.
  13. '06's roadrace bike my '05 YZ250F
  14. yes, can't wait to hit up the track. completely purpose built for mx, hopefully i'll be there this weekend.