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  1. http://www.visordown.com/forums/showthread.php?t=262485 from england, thread with me!!!!
  2. ok on the case tonight!!! ace just done it! found the screw which was fitted was already cut! it must have been done by the dealer. it measures 22m total length. i suppose it is fully open then!
  3. thanks guys, i will check which one i have got and go from there, i will order the YZ part anyway. before i start is it easy to find, as i said earlier all i can find are links for 250, 400's and 426's. is it in the same place under the metal cover as in i have to remove it and i will find it? i know, i know, you have all done it, its easy! but so is rocket science to a rocket scientist!!
  4. do i need to do the mod or not, all info on here that i can find that is points to 250/400/426. if so any pictures and lenghts etc. would be ace! sorry if i am asking old and boring stuff!! i have done the airbox and AIS. exhaust and grey wire, thanks to this site, and yes it did make a massive difference, the main ones being the grey wire and exhaust. thanks lloyd
  5. can anyone tell me the differences, from a technical point of veiw, i need to know what restrictions the U.S versions have compared to the U.K versions if any!! i know the U.S has a 'spark arrestor fitted to the exaust, does the U.K one get that as well, but you can take it out? Does the carb have any mods etc? it all stems from my freind who has purchased a brand new WR450 05, so called UK spec, but it has a spark arrestor and a funny carb looking thing on the right hand hand side!! i am wondering if the dealer has pulled a fast one, or Yamaha for that matter!(getting rid of all steel framed YZ/WR's?)
  6. ok fella! thanks very much, of to get it in about an hour!!
  7. sorry, new member about to buy above....i think! what do i need to know? help has it got electric start? my current bike is a yz426 02 road reg, i only ever use it for green laning and going to the IOM TT!! thank in advance Lloyd