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  1. baja brad

    84' XR350 side cover / tank / seat options

    I have a complete set of OEM plastic for that bike...tank, fenders, side covers, front light/shrowd. I bought them in 1985 after I scratched all my originals. I hate scratches, but instead of puting new ones on.......I just bought a new bike. If you want.......$50 plus whatever it costs to ship(maybe $20). Let me know.......they aren't even dusty because they are still in the factory sealed plastic bags. Good luck Dugger!
  2. baja brad

    1984 XR350R parts?

    Does anybody have some good sources for parts for the 1984 XR350R? Used or new.....any info would be helpful!
  3. baja brad

    84' XR350 side cover / tank / seat options

    I know that bike! Excellent choice for restoration.....that bike won the 1984 Baja 1000 and put Team Honda on the map! As far as plastics...I have read that 1984 XR250 plastic may work.......might need to trim up or re-drill holes. Talk to the guys at Meier plastics....they really know there stuff. As far as seat/tank options, the 1984 had a desert tank stock. All your seat foam and recovering can be done by Verdone in Mesa Arizona...they also post on Ebay. If you have the stock seat foam and cover.....they will match it. If the plastic isn't cracked...just faded pink..........sand it to 1000 grit and buff it with plastic polish....will look like new and be alot cheaper than new...plus the new maybe really "red" and not the stock orange/red color. Any more questions...just fire away...ALOT of guys in this forum know this bike! Hope the info helps! Baja Brad XR650R
  4. baja brad

    xr650r master link

    I purchased a new RK Gold chain and it had 2 master links. The guys at my parts shop said with the torque of the xr650r I need to use the correct link...they just couldn't remember which one. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am planning a Baja 1000 pre-run and need to make it to Cabo!
  5. baja brad

    Fluidyne radiator braces?

    Does anybody make a radiator guard/brace for an xr650 with Fluidyne radiators? I bought the "Works" brand and they don't fit the larger radiator. Thx for any help!
  6. baja brad

    Duramax Recalls or Issues???

    I have 2002 Duramax Diesel in a 4 door 2500. It just blew the injectors 3 weeks ago. I rode in the tow truck to the dealership (here in Phoenix) and there were 7 other Duramax diesels with blown motors or injectors. Its hard to tell until you pull off the head of the motor and see if there is a cracked piston or a hole in it. My crankcase was full of diesel and blowing off crankcase pressure like a spray can. If your lucky enough to have just the injector problem it is $5000 repair. If your injector blows a hole through your piston.....$10000 repair for a long block exchange (new + core). I bought the truck in Nov 2001, it has 82000 miles...I was 3 weeks inside of the 5 year warranty. It is a well documented problem with the duramax. Check out some forums about the Duramax (do a google search). After talking to the dealership mechanic..........this is a huge problem with there engines. Beware! Every manufacture puts out lemons, but when multiple trucks are inline for the same problem (a $5000 problem)....it raises a concern! I'm not a fan anymore......I'm going Powerstoke!
  7. baja brad

    What oil do you run in your YAMAHA?

    That is the regular "white bottle" Rotella or the blue synthetic?
  8. baja brad

    Oil for my bike?

    I have done a search, read some inputs. I was wanting to get some more input and/or problems? Synthetic ever harm somebody's clutch? If Rotella, use regular or synthetic? Mobil 1 Synthetic? Any positive input would be great. Some ignorant or "know it all comment" ...keep it to yourself......I have read enough negative comments to forum people and heard the "do a search" comments.
  9. I understand and have done a search on oils....but I was looking for some more input. Yamalube, Rotella (regular and synthetic), mobil 1 synthetic. Any problems encountered? Synthetic harm the clutch? Just some input. No wise cracks or ignorant comments, or "do a search" required...Thanks.
  10. baja brad

    anybody ever race whiplash

    Yes, great series! Lots of bikes, variety of skill level! Brad
  11. baja brad

    Light Switch

    I purchased a yamaha switch for $6 at my local dealer.
  12. baja brad

    WR450F bike protection

    I want to put some protection to my rear disc brake and caliper and front disc. The carbon fiber protecton is very cool - is it strong enough? GYTR has carbon fiber and aluminum guards as well - are they better? The carbon fiber chain rollers from GYTR worth the money? I saw the new Acerbis front disc protectors-really cool looking and easy to remove front wheel - any input?
  13. baja brad

    2004 WR450, needing hid lights for baja ride

    Thank you for your input. I have looked at Trail tech HID lights and Baja Designs, The Trail Tech is alot cheaper...same wattage. Anybody have a preference?
  14. Does anybody run Hid's on there WR? Do I need the stator rewound? Can I run 2 or just 1? Anybody use the helmet lights? Any help or suggestions welcome!
  15. baja brad

    RTT steering stabilizer

    I understand alot of people use the Scotts steering stabilizer. Any feedback on the RTT brand stabilizer? My local shop raves about them, but I've never seen a bike with one on. Any feedback appreciated since it is a $500-$600 investment