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  1. After having had to push The Comet after I ran out of gas, I bought one of these from Ace and carry it with me in my tool pack at all times.
  2. Good point, my bad. It's popping - it's not backfiring. What can I say, I'm English, common language and all that.... It's a 99 and it's done about 23K. As I said, aside from the popping on the over-run, it's runs great. Starts first time (hot or cold) and runs like a champ. I'll re-jet tomorrow and see how it is.
  3. Thanks, will do. I actually have the 58 so I will fit that and see how she is. One thing's for sure....I am getting good at getting that carb off and back on again
  4. Understood Right not though, the issue is the low speed circuit and as and when I figure that out, I'll work on the high speed circuit if I have to - does that sound like a good approach ? Right now it pulls fine - the only real issue is the backfiring (which is substantial).
  5. Well, I'm no expert but as it was explained to me, the main jet and needle have no bearing on the carb when the throttle is closed - which is when I get the backfiring. With no throttle, the only thing that comes into play in the carb is the mixture screw and the pilot jet. I will say I am no expert though....
  6. Thanks. I actually ordered a 58 when I got the 55 so I might try that - I will try 3 turns out and then 3 1/4 as a max and see if that does anything.
  7. I have had problems with my XRL backfiring and popping on the over-run since I bought it. I finally got round to fitting a new pilot today and the bugger still backfires Details: Fitted dyna jet kit - I don't have details of the sizes in front of me but it was basically a new needle, new spring, new main jet. No pilot though. I just fitted a 55 pilot up from a 50. Didn't seem to make much of a difference to be honest. It might have made a little difference but that might just be me wanting it to be better. Air filter is a foam after-market which I just cleaned and oiled. Exhaust is after-market. Mixture screw is 2 1/2 turns out. Aside from the popping, bike runs fine. Pulls pretty good from idle and it will run at 65 all day long. As it's popping and farting, if I just put the choke on a little, it goes away so clearly the mixture is off - either too much air or not enough fuel. HELP At this point, I don't know what to do - I really thought the new pilot would fix it but it really didn't seem to do a thing so I'm not sure going up even higher will help. What should I try next ? How far out can you go with the mixture screw before going to a bigger pilot ? Will a bigger pilot make that much of a difference (50 to 55 realliy didn't appear to do much). My side panel (air box side) is not a great fit so I'm wondering if the bad seal there is allowing too much air in ? Clutching at straws I know.... __________________
  8. Rockymountain has a ton listed here but none for the TE. Anybody have any idea if any of these will fit the TE ? The picture of the bleeders Appears to be the same one as found on the Motosportz site Cheers....
  9. Did they fit ?
  10. Thanks for the confirmation.
  11. I can confirm that. I finally got round to looking at it last week. I had to trim the white washer a little to get it to fit (which was no problem since it most def is not meant to work as a gasket, merely to stop the metal spring washer from rubbing against the actual petcock housing) but it now works fine and doesn't leak. Thanks for everyone's feedback. I guess I need to take note of even the smallest of assemblies when taking them apart
  12. The tap definitely goes flush against the petcock housing - any other way (and trust me....I've tried every other way) and the tap will allow gas to flow, even when in the off position. It didn't leak before - I only took it apart to get to the screws to take the whole assy off prior to installing it on the Clarke. I am pretty sure I have it right as per my post above - I have had a cold all week so I haven't had time to try it yet. Once I have it working correctly, I'll post back on the outcome.
  13. I feel honored....I think
  14. I definitely plan on doing that...once I figure out how it all goes back together correctly.
  15. OK, here's how I think it should all fit together: Make sense ? As I say this is the only logical way I can see it all goes together - what's throwing me is the white washer is just a tad too big to fit inside the actual petcock housing and so gets pinched when I screw it all together.