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  1. jarrettolson

    Clean Suspension - Contact Info

    Thanks a ton! Jarrett
  2. Does anyone have the contact information for Clean Suspension. I believe they are out of long beach. I need some work done and have had them recommended by more than a couple people. Thanks, Jarrett
  3. jarrettolson

    Need a Good Installer in the South Bay (Big Bore, Suspension)

    Yeah, I have talked to eddie, great guy really knows his stuff, just don't really want to go throught he hassle of freighting my stuff. Trying to keep it local, worst case scenario is that these mods wait a year until i graduate.
  4. I am very mechanically inclined yet have been really lacking on time since i work full time and went back to school full time now. I have a 2000 DRZ400e that i need to have an athena big bore kit put on, intake and exhaust cam, rejet, and install my race tech springs and gold valves for both the front and back suspension. I am looking for someone you would trust with your baby. I have never let anyone touch any of my bikes, cars, trucks, boats, before and am very hesitant of the local guys. I spend 5 minutes chatting with them about technical stuff and i just walk away, questioning how they stay in business. I am located in Redondo beach which is about 10 minutes from the LAX airport. Thanks. Jarrett
  5. jarrettolson

    Making a gas tank...what would you do?

    dont waste your time with a gas tank, how bout making a aluminum frame and lightening up the bike. I have thought about that for awhile, just lazy when it comes to firing up my TIG. Or make a tank and we can have a biker build off. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v725/jarrettolson/billylane.jpg
  6. jarrettolson

    My Drz-400e Pics

    where do you get those seal savers from for the front end? Bike looks good
  7. jarrettolson

    Project KLX. New stuff. Your opinion?

    who did you get the black tank off of? Bike looks great!