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  1. jsb223

    editing old post

    photo bucket had it's time and now I have my pics on another website. went to edit some old post with pics and I can't find the edit button please advise.
  2. jsb223

    Dead DRZ...

    I replace the cheesy metri-pac / deutch connectors but I was getting 14.7 at the battery without the extra wire so... NOPE ...but that's not gonna kill the battery... The battery was replaced under warranty... You shuold have seen the look on her face when she put it on the tester... ***???
  3. jsb223

    Dead DRZ...

    I replaced the connectors during the stator replacement and was getting good voltage at the battery.
  4. jsb223

    Dead DRZ...

    Last fall I replaced the battery without knowing the stator was shorted... Replaced the stator the next week and did the dielectric grease thing on all the connections I could get to and since then and over the winter the bike has been running fine. Over the winter about once every 10-14 days I would fire it up and ride about an hour. Last night I rode into town (about 15 minutes) and the bike sat a couple hours. I went to leave and the bike fire up and died right away. Then it was dead. Nothing, nada. No lights, no speedo panel, nothing... I thought it was the fuse but it was okay so I got a jump and rode home with a dim headlight and no speedo... The battery measured 1.5 volts when I got home. What kiiled the battery??? The short time I ran the shorted stator or the 10degrees a couple months ago. It did'nt ever have enough voltage to tigger the battery tender circuitry to start charging.
  5. jsb223

    coolant temp light at 70 mph!!

    mine used to flicker after a day of riding in the rain... dielectric grease is your friend... EVERY connection...
  6. jsb223

    Post your tire pics...(please)

    Type 1 Teraflex DOT rear...
  7. I forgot the MCCT at around 4k.. And just did the stock stator replacemant at 10,080 Looks like I'm gonna have to pull the side again...came back from a 75 mile test ride and had a drop of oil on my sidewalk
  8. 01 w/ 10k... 2500 when I bought it... Two clutch cables ***??? primary sprocket was loose New chain at 6k When Carb stumble started I cleaned the petcock and did a 3x3 and rejet Replaced battery last week...YUASA was still in there... Gas and oil/filter and air filters Never touched anything else...
  9. http://www.twowheelsteals.com/Moto-Master-Suzuki-DRZ-400-ECO-Brake-Kit
  10. jsb223

    HELP! Jetting problem

    On my 2001 S model...Using the James Dean kit... Texas 500ft elevation 155 Main Blue Needle 4 position Stock Pilot 2.75 turns on Extended screw...
  11. It is obvious that you overpacked...
  12. Looking to order a couple D606 rears for the DRZ... Looking for the best price... What once was a $55 tire is now apparently a $90 tire... Yikes...
  13. jsb223

    Texas suspension?

    Under what conditions... steady 70 accelerating through 70 decelerating through 70 crosswind two hands on bars one hand on bars no hands on bars I ride an indicated 78-80 all the time with k270 front and d606 rear after wind from an oncoming semi it will gently wobble a bit then settle down I always thought a 315lb bike on a DOT rear knobby doing 75 that was normal.
  14. jsb223

    How much for a used stock '01, DRZ 400 motor?

    one hundred dollars