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  1. smiti105

    where are the new yorkers?

    Been to Lembo Lake, a very very rocky place.
  2. smiti105

    Bling Junkie

    Take it easy Hasselhoff!
  3. smiti105

    Sweet Goat Trail

    That could of been the best helmet cam I have ever gotten!
  4. smiti105

    atv ticket questions

    Hey lay off the 83 quadrunner 185. Some of us still have one in the garage which have out run the police in the past!!
  5. smiti105

    I need to lose weight

    No more fast food for you. That stuff is evil if you are looking to lose weight. No more soda either. Try to switch to water , and a lot of it ev every day. Keep this mind, to walk off a quarter pounder with cheese you are looking at a 7 to 8 hour walk. That is how many calories fast food actually has. Breakfast is a very important meal. Cereal and fruit does the trick for me. Stick to lean meats like chikcen and pork baked with vegetables. If you really want to lose the weight you are going to have to change your diet and the pounds will start shedding off. Do it gradually though, let your body get used to your new habits. It is amazing how good you will fell when you start eating healthy food from the earth like fruits and vegetables. Also stay with whole grain breads and use olive oil with all your cooking. Need alot of commitment to eating healthy and you will see the pounds slowly go away.
  6. smiti105

    Message to the wife and new bike

    Thats funny, gave me a good laugh!!!
  7. What pipe you running on your bike? If someone is complaining about you riding through a parking lot that sounds pretty crazy to me. Just dont get the rpms up going through the parking lot.
  8. As kilt said, dont get any of it on you. He is not joking when he says it will take a week to come off. That stuff is the worst. I had to shed skin for it to come off.
  9. smiti105

    My first wheelie video....

    Rock on!!!!
  10. smiti105

    Basic stand for lubing chain etc..

    Fariborz, how steady is the bike when it is cranked up to your chest? Does it get tied down in any way??
  11. smiti105

    Dude 4 the Day ?

    Newcastles are good!!!!!
  12. smiti105

    Are zip ties hard on the fork tube?

    I dont think that it is the plastic that is actually scratching the metal. It is the dirt that gets caught in between the tie and the fork that will wear down the metal and put gouges in it. Thats my opinion.
  13. smiti105

    Moving back to NJ-Where to ride?

    Ditto to what MX4life has said. Those are basicly your choices for Jersey, well at least that are legal places to ride.
  14. smiti105

    People suck..and another riding spot yanked.

    These kind of stories make me very mad. I understand that complaints will come pouring in if there were neighbors right next door and 5 to 6 guys are out there ripping it up. That to me makes sense, but when you are riding so far away from the general public and not bothering anyone and someone still has a problem, thats where I say to mind your own business. Especially when it is someones private property. There are hiking trails near my house that I used to be able to mountain bike on (no engine at all) by the way. That has long been shut down because they say that the bikes are going to make "massive" errosion which will uproot the trees. These trees are over one hundred years old and im gonna uproot one of these with a mountain bike?????? Sometimes it seems to me that people are not happy unless they are breaking up someone elses happiness.
  15. smiti105

    "01 YZ426 Actual Weight Yikes!

    I am with you on that one, same here.