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  1. bryce716

    1983 xr200r vin

    jh2me0409dk208280 is vin
  2. bryce716

    1983 xr200r vin

    Engine has a serial on it me04e-5208344. Which digits should match vin?
  3. bryce716

    1983 xr200r vin

    Does anybody know how to match vin number to serial number on the motor? I want to know if motor is the original.
  4. bryce716

    hsc on my 2012 crf450

    My tuner's base line is 12 and 12 on forks and 12 reb 16 com and 1 3/4 hsc on shock fork oil 360cc
  5. bryce716

    hsc on my 2012 crf450

    My shock and fork reb is at 12 out from full slow. My shock comp. is at 15 and forks are at 11 out from full hard.
  6. bryce716

    hsc on my 2012 crf450

    Can anyone tell me why my rear shock is stable with my hsc in the full hard position? If i put it at 1 3/4 out (baseline setting from revalve) the bike is scary to hit big jump or big rolling whoops, the rear wants to step out sideways big time. Seems like the firmer I run the hsc the better it handles. I have the bike feeling great with hsc in the full hard position and the fork and rear comp at 1 click harder, rebound is at the baseline. I was thinking maybe I should send it back to tuner for a valve adj. Can anyone give me there insight on this. Bike is a 2012 crf450 200lb intermediate mx .49 front 5.7 rear and merge knuckle.
  7. bryce716

    Hope I didnt ruin my crank!

    Don't feel bad I did the same thing to my 07. I had to replace my crank.
  8. bryce716

    wp fork type

    Great, thanks
  9. bryce716

    wp fork type

    Guys I just bought a 2014 ktm 150sx and want to know what type of forks are on this bike? Are these forks any good? Bike came with a rg3 revalve that's set up for my weight and skill but haven't got a chance to ride it yet.
  10. bryce716

    2003 crf 450r problems

    You would of had to do a leak down test to confirm the bike not having compression.
  11. bryce716

    2003 crf 450r problems

    I believe he had the head off the bike when he poured petrol in. Taking the engine apart was premature. Should have done more diagnostic work.
  12. bryce716

    2003 crf 450r problems

    How do you know it had no compression?
  13. bryce716

    Question on fork tube position for 2008

    You can definitely raise the forks up to improve cornering. I wouldn't go more than 5-7mm. I would try it and see what happens. I went 5mm on my 02 with 20mm clamps and it helped cornering a lot but at high speeds I would get a little shake. My 07 with the same setup didn't shake at all.
  14. bryce716

    will 1998 cr250 wheel fit on 2012 crf450

    I hesitated and bike was sold the yesterday.
  15. bryce716

    1998 cr250 suspension

    Does any one know if newer forks can be fitted on this bike? Like maybe some 47mm showas