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  1. avatar25

    windscreen for DRZ 400SM ?

    Thanks for the info. Decided to order Cee Bailey today.
  2. avatar25

    windscreen for DRZ 400SM ?

    Anybody know of any sort of windscreen that might be available for the 400 SM?
  3. avatar25

    ? from new SM owner

    Paved riding only, well, occasionally graded caliche. Have no idea of mileage. I keep a 5- gallon can of gas and add some when the trip meter shows 50 miles or so. (Longest ride so far around 20 miles.)
  4. avatar25

    Cheap analog tach!

    Where can you find a daytona tach?
  5. avatar25

    ? from new SM owner

    After 45 years, got back into biking (sold my BSA Gold Star and Indian Chief in 1960 to start college). Bought a 400 SM in November with 189 miles on it (salesman said the guy wanted more off-road capability, and traded in on a KLR 650). The SM reminds me a lot of the Gold Star. Now have a little over 400 miles on the bike. Got some questions: 1) Have already decided from this forum that the break-in rev limits are a joke. Anybody disagree? 2) The salesman who sold it to me stressed the need to have the 600 mile service, including valve adjustment (about $200). But the manual shows first valve adjustment at 14,500. What do you think. 3) I changed the oil and filter myself at about 300 miles. Other than oil change, the 600 mile service looks like a few adjustments. If valves don't need checked, is there really any need to have the 600 mile done, except maybe changing the oil and filter again? (The warranty is up in August.) 4) Read in one magazine review of the SM that it might benefit from a change in rear sprocket (they said a couple of teeth smaller) to make highway speeds a little less "buzzy". What do you think? 5) I really miss a tach. Could one be put on? At what cost? 6) How about a K&N air filter? Thanks for any help to a returning old fart.