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  1. worcs386

    ktm 4 stroke problems?

    I rode an 05 mxc450 at a worcs race for 4 days in a row using 7 gal of gas per day. The bike was owned by worcs and they never changed oil or air filter during that time. It was still running strong at the end of series. My crf barely made it through a race. Is KTM the king of reliability?
  2. I currently have an 03 crf450 and valve problems. Can anyone tell me if any or what problems exist with ktm 450s or 525s?
  3. worcs386

    WTK// My 1st CRF 450. Have questions.!!!

    I have had my 03 crf 450 for 3 yrs. Check the intake valve clearance. Mine is still suffering from the same problem repeatedly.