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  1. I am trying to settle a dispute with a friend. SirBrapsalot
  2. Sirbrapsalot

    YZ400 Crate Motors?

    Ok Send Pics to me @ bruce@ridedirt.com I am interested.
  3. Sirbrapsalot

    YZ400 Crate Motors?

    Anyone know where I could buy a used YZ400 Engine? I blew mine up and would rather buy a used motor than part the bike out.
  4. Sirbrapsalot

    450 Maintnance

    Hey Guys, I am coming off of a YZ400F blow up. It will be parted out on Ebay shortly. I loved that bike, but it is gone. I will be in the market for a 450 later this year. I am concerned a little about the 4 stroke service intervals and cost. Two strokes are easier and cheaper to maintain. My question is what would you say is the monthly service ritual needed if the bike is ridden around 15 hours per month?