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  1. flathedd

    Middle aged fear!

    I just got back into riding at 41 years old. Last bike was a 1984 kdx 200 bought new. Crashed pretty hard (girls were watching). Sold bike, started procreating and could not afford a bike. Now kids are raised, more money, and way more common sense. I ride with a buddy who is about 27 and races hare scrambles. Trying to keep up has definately helped and he would rather ride with me (even being pretty slow) than ride alone. You do forget how to ride a bike after 22 years, but the bikes are way better than what we had then. (Got a 2005 400 exc last spring, great bike to relearn on.)
  2. flathedd

    Help my xr400 is runinn like $%#@

    I have an xr200r that does the same thing after running a minute or so. I think I have it narrowed down to the stator, but I don't want to spend $150 on a bike I won't ride anyway. I just ride my KTM.
  3. flathedd

    400- '05 vs '06....getting ready to buy

    I just got a used 2005 400 exc for $5200, $5592.60 otd (with sales tax) and I think I paid too much, but 400s are hard to find around here.
  4. flathedd

    Riding your dirtbike up and down the street

    I've got a cop next door, and a car wash a block up the street. I plan to ask him when I see him. He's usually pretty cool for a cop.