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  1. matdog-797

    2010 Exhaust

    I was just wondering because I can get a 2010 exhaust and I want to know if it would fit on my 2009.
  2. matdog-797

    2010 Exhaust

    Will a 2009 exhaust system fit on the 2010? Thanks
  3. matdog-797

    Broken Ankle

    My doctor is keeping me in a cast for two more weeks. Six weeks in all. I just think that it is to long.
  4. matdog-797

    Broken Ankle

    Here are some xrays. Sorry for the bad quality. Two weeks post op Four weeds post op
  5. matdog-797

    Broken Ankle

    I'm going to try to get a disc with my xrays on in tomorrow and I will post them. Thank you.
  6. matdog-797

    Broken Ankle

    Thank you. When do you usually let them start walking?
  7. matdog-797

    Broken Ankle

    I broke the tip off the fibula in my ankle and my doctor plated it. I have been in a cast for four weeks and she wants to keep me in a cast for two more weeks. Dr. Mark I was wondering how long you keep your patients in a cast for this injury. Thanks in advance.
  8. matdog-797

    78 DT 175 E, hole in piston, rebuild advice?

    Check your main jet. Make sure it is the stock size, I have had the same problem on the same bike and it was from the previous owner dropped the main jet about 4 sizes. This would explain why id doesn't put a hole in the piston at under 3/4 throttle and why when you hold it at wide open throttle for a while in a higher gear it puts a hole in the piston.
  9. matdog-797

    Devol vs Factory Connection

    Royce Devol does an excellent job on our bikes:ride: . He has done 5 bikes for us and stand behind his work 100%. He is at the races in Spokane 3- 4 times a year. He is also at Richland 4-5 times a year. I have seen Royce go way out of his way to keep his customers happy:applause: . His prices include oil and shims but not any worn parts such as bushings or seals if needed. Also Royces personal bike is a Honda:applause: . I know you would be in good hands. Matt Howell
  10. matdog-797

    suspension work in wa.state?

    Devol is my vote. We have had 6 bikes done with awsome results. They back there work up, take care of there customers at races, and wiil go the extra mile to make you happy.
  11. matdog-797

    Any good deals on 250F's?

    Specialty in Coeur d'Alene 208 667 3571 has some killer deals on new 07 kx250 F's. If you would be interested in a used mod 07 with 40 hrs total ( 6 hours since full rebuild Dodge National last fall) leave me a message and I will get back to you.
  12. matdog-797

    quick question about team green jetting

    We have tried the team green jetting and the JD jetting and feel that the JD jetting kit is the best. The bike runs real good at every track. The Team Green jetting is a little finicky from track to track.
  13. matdog-797

    Hour meter placement

    here is a link to one on a Honda. http://www.napalmracing.com/index.php?cPath=22_44_83
  14. matdog-797

    Hour meter placement

    Napalm racing mount is my pick where to put the hour meter. The mount puts the hour meter where the bolt on the gas tank is. It works awesome!! It is easy to see and stays put without drilling your frame. www.napalmracing.com
  15. matdog-797

    Best suspension

    Our Devol suspension on our 250f is excellent. My son gets to ride other bikes and so far none have been as good. Try Royce at Devol.