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  1. mryzf

    cold start issue yzf

    as far as giving it a couple of wicks of throttle before kicking ive tried that too with little or sometimes no results. The motor will stumble like it wants to run almost every kick but it just wont fire and stay running. Im wondering if the float level is out of spec or maybe the valves and top end need a rebuild??? any ideas ??
  2. mryzf

    cold start issue yzf

    actually i run 104-106 race gas so it should be ok
  3. hey guys i'm wondering if anyone can help me out. i live in mi and ride indoors during the winter but just recently when attempting cold starts the bike will not fire up without killing myself kicking for ever. I race the bike and maintain it at top levels. Ive tried everything from valve adj. to disassembling the carb and cleaning it to spark checks to new plugs and its also jetted for the cold. Its an 2001 but ive put the o3-04 auto decompression exhaust cam in her to make things a little easier which helps but doesnt solve my problem. The bike has good compression and when it finally does start it runs great. Lkie i say everything is in spec and has been gone through that i can think of, but any other ideas???