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  1. 6040

    Big Bore Kits

    have try monitoring.. another question why with a 540 kit it will run hotter than other .so wat must i look out ......to prevent damage to the engine..
  2. 6040

    Big Bore Kits

    hi everyone i am new to big bore i need advise on this problem.. my ride is a 2000 exc400 with a ktm540 kit with hot cams.. my worse nightmare is the battery always run flat and my e-start always fail me when i need it....i am running out of solutions pls help me....
  3. 6040

    XR650R SM Question?

    i change e chain and spockets and keep the rest of the old stuffs for future use..
  4. 6040

    450x supermoto

    hi boardman how much have you spend total for your beauty man it awsome... me trying to start off one myself current riding a 650r supermoto set up...wat a nice bike you have..
  5. 6040

    Front Forks? 03 L

    hi guys i new to this talk so just need all e help from all of you i would like to know how can i convert using usd fork for my 650r and how much will it going to cost?