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    YZ450 won't start after rebuild...

    Indy, Thanks for the responses. It was the shim under the rhight hand intake valve bucket. It was out of its prech keeping the intake slightly open. It fired on the first kick! That is if you don't count the first 200-300 before that.... Thanks again, jEFF
  2. Lowdownbooty

    YZ450 won't start after rebuild...

    I am supposed to use the "I" on the flywheel correct?
  3. Hey guys, I have a 04 YZ450 that i bought used about a year ago. It appears to be stock except for the flywheel. I lost 4th gear a few weekends ago so I put my limited skills and tools to work tearing the engine down. There were a few hickups here and there but over all the job was fairly straight forward. Now i have the engine back in the bike all it does is backfire every 15-20 kicks:thumbsdn:. I've checked the cam timing according to the service manual, I'm getting fuel, and I have spark. Is there a chance the timeing is off 180 degrees? Help!! I have Friday off and I NEED to ride! Thanks in advance, jEFF
  4. Lowdownbooty

    MOTOMAN393 Video

    Excellent video!! Reminds me of the last time we rode together in Conroe... And the many other times at Highlands and Splendora. He is missed... Jeff