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  1. OH MY GOD, How do people even ride them 2 bangers? Though it was absolutely freezing out, and on the higher trails a couple inches of snow, I rode my new bike yesterday and loved it. We rode about 15 miles in the hills above Colton,OR. and cold what cold? I'm not even completely used to my 2003 KLX yet and it is like nite and day compared to my old 2 stroke. Anyhow,just wanted to share my exuberance with some of ya'll.Seriously I had no idea how much better,powerful,easier,enjoyable a four stroke would really be.Now I know.
  2. Was this a good deal? I think it was.Any suggestions for mods? Thanx for any input. I now thump therefor I am.
  3. Any advice for mods that you might think I should do?First four stroke and very excited!Think I got a smokin' deal too, $2600.00.
  4. Help a brother out.I currently have a 87 kdx 200.I'm ready to thump!
  5. thinkin' of one of these two for my first thumper.Any suggestions?