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  1. Wuthrich10

    Anyone seen any colored sprockets for a 650L?

    Still no luck, could you send a picture of your bike?
  2. Wuthrich10

    Anyone seen any colored sprockets for a 650L?

    I looked and couldnt find the bolt kit, where did you find yours at?
  3. Wuthrich10

    Anyone seen any colored sprockets for a 650L?

    Where did you find the black renthals at?
  4. Wuthrich10

    Anyone seen any colored sprockets for a 650L?

    anyway to contact them(website)?
  5. Im wanting to change my gearing and I love the look of the red or black sprockets like renthals. I just flipped through a couple of catalogs but no luck, just found silver. Anyone seen anything?
  6. Wuthrich10

    Uncorked XR650L, but still wanting more.

    Sounds good, although I may get something in the middle like 15/48 because like I said i do ride mostly highway, 60-70mph about 15 miles one way.
  7. Wuthrich10

    Best Pipe for an 2007 Xr650L

    Ive got a White Brothers E2 on my 02 model. I really like it. Its fairly quiet with the spark arrestor in but its easily removable with one bolt for some more noise.
  8. Wuthrich10

    dual sport helmet choice?

    Dont ride with a motocross helmet on the highway. When you turn your head to look it snaps your neck back. Get a full face for the highway and a good motocross helmet with goggles for the dirt.
  9. Wuthrich10

    Uncorked XR650L, but still wanting more.

    Thanks guys, i do mostly street riding, probably about 75 on-road and 25 off road.Do you know what kind of mileage yall are getting with the 14/48 gearing?? Oh, and would adding a header pipe really make much of a difference?
  10. My 2002 XR650L has been jetted with a white brothers E2, uni filter, snorkel removed. The front wheel is still very hesitant to come of the ground in 2nd, even with the clutch. Is there anything else I can do for some more power off the bottom. Oh, and I also have the stock 15/45 gearing. Thanks
  11. Wuthrich10

    XR650L Tires

    Its about time for some new tires on my 02 XR650L. I ride about 70% on road and 30% off road. What kind of tires do you guys recommend? Thanks
  12. I was wandering if any of you guys have seen any graphics kits for the XR650L. Or at least some tank stickers for an aftermarket Clarke tank. Thanks
  13. Wuthrich10

    XR650L Snorkel Removal

    Took it off last night, thanks guys
  14. Wuthrich10

    XR650L with dirt bagz?

    I have a set of brackets off of ebay, but I cant find any bags either. There is a set of the brackets going for bid right now.
  15. Wuthrich10

    XR650L Snorkel Removal

    Ive got an 02 XR650L with WB E-2 exhaust and the smog kit removed, but how and where do I remove the "Airbox Snorkel"?? Thanks