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  1. I am trying to fix up the first quad I bought back in 1985. (230 quadsport) she needs some newer shocks (among other things) anyone know what shocks from other bikes will work on this quadsport? It seems the quadsport shocks have are hard to find for obvious reasons. but Im a Fireman (not rich) so price IS an object. any help would be appreciated.
  2. firemanZ400

    Suzuki Quiet Exaust systems

    My question is... Do the quieter systems really produce enough power to be worth the 1. money for pipe 2. money for jet kit 3. time spent installing 4. time spent taking the carb off and on several times etc. ??? What about slip- ons?
  3. firemanZ400

    FMF Power Bomb?

    thanks for the info !
  4. firemanZ400

    Suzuki FMF Power Bomb?

    Has anyone tried the FMF Power bomb headers? IM looking for some performance and have not had the oppertunity to ask some one who has tried one. any advice will be appreciated. Barry