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  1. Talonboy


    Many people use front fenders from an XR400. They are much thinner at the front, and look more modern.
  2. Talonboy

    xr600r advice....

    Stock XR650L pegs and brackets, bought them off Ebay. Welded a steel bar on the downtube, then bolted them right on. I wanted them mainly for a location to attach my saddlebags to. I also bought some new rider pegs to replace the thin stock ones. Found them new on Ebay for less than $20, they feel so much better than stock. Only had them on for a week or so, hope they hold up as well as the ones that cost $80-100.
  3. Talonboy

    Which is the best air filter

    A clean K&N flows the most air, but filters the worst. It should be fine for street use. A foam filter is the best for off-road use. UNI and Twin-air are both good foam filters.
  4. Talonboy

    xr600r advice....

    I have just been building one over the last month. Found a clean 97 XR600 for $1500. Changed the gearing to 15/44. Mounted universal tires, I already have another dirt bike, so the XR will not be used for serious off-roading. Mounted two mirrors. Replaced the stator and regulator with Ricky Stator parts. Replaced the headlight for something brighter. Mounted some passenger footpegs. Made a mount for my GPS. Adjusted the suspension softer for a better ride on the street. Now it's not a bad adventure bike. It still needs a bigger fuel tank though, that will be next.
  5. Talonboy

    Factory Pro Jet Kit Xr650l

    Factory Pro and Dynojet are competitors, so I doubt it is the exact same kit, most likely similar parts though. Usually just an adjustable needle, and a few jets.
  6. Stoppies can be done with knobbies, but it is easier with a universal or street tire. It's all about braking progressively harder, while transferring weight forward. I have beat many sport bikes with my dual-sport bikes over the years. Many of the times it was riding skills and road knowledge. The road has to be fairly tight, with no high speed straights for a thumper to beat a modern sport bike with equal riders. The "dragon" at deals gap in TN is a perfect example.
  7. Talonboy

    650L motor in CR or YZ frame?

    I too think it would be too big. I think fitting it in a XR650R frame would be easier.
  8. Talonboy

    Any XR650R owners ride or own a KTM 525?

    The KTM is a great woods bike, a good motocross bike, and a fair dual-sport bike (never rode one in the desert). The XR650R is a great desert bike, a good D/S bike, and a decent woods bike. It would be nice to have both.
  9. Talonboy

    Dirt Bike a 1/8 mile track

    Have ran a few dirt bikes at the 1/4 mile track in Ubly, Michigan. It is a lot of fun if you go with a group of friends to race with. Take tools and spare parts so you can modify the bike to see what makes it faster. We changed gearing, tires, removed plastics, lowered the bikes, all in an effort to get the best time. From memory my slightly modded 93 XR650L ran 13.70s, my basically stock 98 WR400 ran 13.02. Friends bikes, Stock XR650L, 14.00, highly modded 85 XR600 ran 12.90s, 01 XR650R, 12.90s, 02 KTM 520 12.80s.
  10. Talonboy

    Hydraulic brake switch problem

    Mine did the exact same thing, tested with the ohm meter, seemed ok. Replaced it, new one works fine.
  11. Talonboy

    Stator Replacement

    I just installed one from Ricky Stator a few weeks ago. You may want to upgrade the regulator at the same time. I got one from them, everything plugged right in, very easy install.
  12. Talonboy

    David bailey rides again!

    That is the coolest thing I have ever seen on the Internet! David Bailey was, and still is a hero of mine. We can all learn something from this, never give up, there is always another way.
  13. Talonboy

    Finally about to drag race it?'s

    My stock WR400 ran 13.06 at 99mph. A stock XR650R and a stock KTM520EXC both ran 12.80 & 12.90s at about 100mph. I wouldn't bother changing the front tire, I don't think it would inprove your mph much. The rear tire, now that is a different story. A knobbie tire is pretty tall & heavy, a smooth street tire could certainly help with mph, if you have the correct gearing. I think the smaller the tire the better. A CRF450 doesn't need a very big contact patch to get off the line, more so if the bike is stock seat height. Lowering the bike will help with the launch, so would a wheelie bar. Getting into the 10 sec range, that will take serious horsepower, a drag bike like chassis, and a wheelie bar.
  14. I have the SRC brand with triple clamp mount, don't care for them. I would try the Cyra brand with triple clamp mounts if I had it to do over.
  15. Talonboy

    Anybody shop service honda?

    I had very good results with them. Bought 2 complete top ends from them, ordered one over the phone, the other online. Excelent results both times, took about a week to get the parts.