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  2. yes sir moto is correct. i havent had 1 problem with my roketa in the year i have owned it. and trust me, i race the sh*t outta the motor and pound on the bike like its not even funny. the bike costed me 540$ NEW compared to what the others are costing these days, id say that these bike are well worth there money. roketa has a CA based wharehouse where it is easy to call/ go in and get the parts you need. so i dont see any problem there? parts on the roketa's are interchangeable with honda crf50 parts (most of them), so it makes it very easy to hop one of these bikes up, like i have been doing. i recently just got my bike registered in the state of CA and it was a very easy process. no questions and no hassle. green stickered. (thanks moto) -Ryan
  3. nooq

    putting mods on a Rocketa 125

    was any modification nessecarry to install your swingarm and forks?
  4. i have a roketa and the numbers are on the left side of the motor, kinda where the shifter is on the side of the engine casing. usually starts with a star and then the numbers and also ends with a star. hope this helps. -ryan
  5. nooq

    you guys with 10" wheels

    go with the shinko's tires, front and rear.
  6. nooq

    chinese 50 help

    check your gas cap if it is venting correctly or not. i had the same exact problem with my monster 125 bike and it turns out the gas cap was corroded through the venting holes and it wasnt able to vent. was kinda tricky. i had taken all the gas lines off and turned the fuel on to see if any fuel was flowing and it wasnt. so i went to drain the gas outta the bike because i was thinking it was the on/off fuel valve that i was having leak problems with in the past and when i started unscrewing the cap gas was coming out of the lines. turns out some kinda glue they used on the backside of the gas cap got corroded and closed up the venting holes. easy fix but kind of a tricky 1. keep in mind, this was a brand new bike. hope this helps.
  7. nooq

    exhaust question...

    thanks guys.
  8. nooq

    exhaust question...

    do they all fit the same on the head? or is a bigger head needed to run a big bore exhaust?
  9. nooq

    exhaust question...

    what is the difference between a big bore and standard bore? what my main concern is do they both bolt up the same or is the big bore made for a bigger head? thanks a bunch. -Ryan
  10. nooq

    exhaust question...

    will a big bore exhaust for a crf50 fit my STOCK 125cc roketa motor. or would it be better to go with the standard bore exhaust? my bike is stock. my bike http://www.roketa.com/htm/dirt-bikes/db-14.htm
  11. nooq

    roketa pit bike questions...

    yes i have pics, send me a email to inooqz@hotmail.com and ill reply with them. thanks -Ryan
  12. hi, iam new here and i have a couple of questions. i have a roketa db-14/rsx-125. its got the roketa 125cc engine on it. iam looking to hop it up with some parts and iam just wondering what bike parts are interchangeable with it, are the honda 50s the same parts or what? its got me totally confused and i have been pondering these questions for awhile now. what bike parts do i have to buy in order for them to work on my bike, like exhaust, carb, sprockets, cam, etc.. etc.. any info would help me greatly. thanks a bunch -Ryan also, know where i can order these parts?