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  1. most of my whips are looking like this how can I make them better ??
  2. So I have been riding roughly 2 years now and Im starting to develop some speed. so before I start worrying about how to get faster, am I doing it correctly before I injure myself.
  3. Just got the bike , 2008 RMZ 250, has new fatbars, new hinson clutch, yoshimiria pie, $4000+ proce tag on suspension mods , decnet sprokets,(13/50) works rad gaurds, came with 3 air filters, set of gear, set of tires, and its getting all re jetted by a licenced mechanic as it was last raced in Alberta. let me know what you think and mention any mods, tips . im new to the fourstorke scene (rode/raced for 3 years on 2 stokes)
  4. I have been racing a 2003 rm 125 loved it finsihed top 10/50 in Junior on it then again it was moded to the hills but now with the fourstokes getting better and better about time i switch soooooo, Heres mY new 2008 RMZ 250 its a stock motror, with 4000+ money invested in suspension , a yoshimira pipe, works rad gaurds, fat bars. Hope it is a great bike, been hesitant and excited to be finally racing on a fourstroke. any good mods?
  5. Also heres some pictures of it in action on sunday[/img]"][/img]"][/img]"][/img]"][/img]"][/img]"]
  6. Heres a few pictures of my 2004 Rm 125 FMF Fatty pipe, FMF Powercore 2 Silencer, STS Custom Suspension.[/img]"][/img]"][/img]"][/img]"] Hope you liked them:thumbsup:
  7. Ifound a few more if those wernt good enough the last one is my friend jumping a 130ft triple/table
  8. Really nice pics Can you give these a try? Darren Jenkins 164 Thanks
  9. hey im new to this picture stuff let me try posting them now If possible all or the one that will look nice. My name is Darren Jenkins 164
  10. hey nice work, Iwas wondering if you if you could do a few of these if possible thank you so much. Also could you add my name if possible. Darren Jenkins
  11. hey what program is that? iam intrested in learning on how to do photoshop so can any of you tell me some good photoshop programs any of you reconmend on using thanx
  12. I had tech 6;s when i first started and i loved them because they offer enough protection for what i was doing but as i imporved my skills they broke in alot withen 6 months and i ended up doing a slight tear in my acheelis tendon . the doc i have who also likes motocross said tech 8 offers great support because of the innerbooter and its stiffer. buy sumthing that is going to be sufficent to your skill. i have not used the leat neck brace but i own a thor sentenial and peaople say it fits good in one
  13. My favourite is the 661 flight icon, but i currently have a fox
  14. so all you did was get 150 grit sand paper and just wetted it and scrubbed?
  15. orange