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    Buying my bike today!

    I'm looking at the same two bikes. Let me know what you thought and what you got!
  2. uttie

    Trying to decide on a new bike....HELP!

    Thanks guys for your input. I spent a good couple of hours on husaberg.org last night. Lots of information. Thanks Rich (also, I see you're on CA...what part?). I forgot to mention my size. I'm 5'9" about 155lb. I didn't look at the KLX 220...do they have a button? I'm not lazy but after many years of riding and my last time out, I know enough to know that energy conservation is the name of the game...and four strokes can be tough to start and that kills me. A friend suggested I look into a pre 03' (green sticker) KTM EXC 300. Take some falls, learn a lot, get a better picture of exactly the type of riding I plan on doing without burning a hole in my wallet right off the bat (or choosing the wrong bike at new prices). I know it's a kick start 2 stroke but they're so much easier to start. It's something to consider but a) I can't seem to find one (in great condition) in SoCal online and I'm a sucker, for a new bike. thanks for the feedback.....keep it coming!
  3. Hi All, I’ve been doing a bunch of reading/research in this forum as I’m seriously considering getting back into dirt/trail. So many bike options it’s daunting. Anyway, here’s where I’m at, maybe some of you can offer input from experience. I was an avid dirt rider and street for many years when I was young and then took a hiatus for a while. I got back into street a few years ago and I’m currently racing WSMC (88’ TZ250 and 03 Buell XBR). While I enjoy that a lot I had an opportunity to spend a day in Texas Canyon with a few friends on an XR250 (1st time in about 13 years on dirt). I rode all the time and raced a bit of motocross when I was younger but this was one of the best days on two wheels I’ve ever had in my life….endless trails of varying degrees of difficulty and so beautiful up in those mountains! Growing up on the east coast provided some good trail riding but nothing like that (and I hear that there are so many better places to go). Anyway my question is what bike should I get? I see myself doing a lot of trail riding. At first I was convinced I should get a CRF250x as I’m told (and read) it’s a great all around bike. It’s also the cheapest (of the 3 that I’m interested in) and, I expect to end up on my ass quite a bit for a few months so I may not cringe quite as much every time I dump it. The other two bikes I’m considering are the Husky TE250 (street legal) and the Berg FE450. I hadn’t heard much about the Berg until I went to Eric’s to see the Husky. I spoke with Brett (great guy). I like both the Husky and the Berg a lot but I’m concerned about a few things. Keep in mind that I get that riding an exotic is different then a Honda, etc…but I don’t want it behave like one i.e.: durability and reliability. A few of my questions: BERG FE450 Questions: 1) Will the Berg be too much bike for me, or the type of riding that I plan on doing? (I should point out that the guys who took me riding were very disappointed with me as their “victim”….I kept up and was actually faster then a few of them by the end of the day and these guys ride regularly). 2) Is it good or great for the tight stuff? Or too much power? 3) Reliability? I don’t mind having to maintain the bike at all but pushing a bike for miles out of the woods would suck! 4) I’m a shorter rider (5’9”) and can’t get my feet flat in any of these bikes…how adjustable is the seat height? (I’d like to at least get close) 5) Over all thoughts and impressions. 6) Parts and accessories? 7) Cost to maintain? 8) Is it something I’ll grow into quickly? 9) Will it last me several years if taken proper care of? Husky TE250 Questions: 1) How important is the “plate” 2) All around bike? 3) Reliability? 4) Adjustable seat height? 5) Over all thoughts and impressions. 6) Parts and accessories? 7) Cost to maintain? 8) Is it something I’ll grow out of quickly? 9) Will it last me several years if taken proper care of? Honda CRF250x 1) All around bike? 2) Reliability? 3) Adjustable seat height? 4) Over all thoughts and impressions. 5) Parts and accessories? 6) Cost to maintain? 7) Is it something I’ll grow out of quickly? 8) Will it last me several years if taken proper care of? I’ve also toyed with the idea of starting with the Honda, running it and learning for a year or so and then graduating to a more purpose built trail/woods/desert racer. I know I’m asking a lot here but I’m made some mistakes in the past (Like buying a Buell and trying to race it…..personally, I don’t recommend it) and the Berg and Husky are spendy. I love exotics and having something different but not if I’m going to be an issue. Thanks for any and all input. Uttie